Vote Ron Paul in Louisiana and Montana!

Ron Paul will be on the ballot as a third party presidential candidate in Louisiana and Montana.

In Louisiana, a group of Ron Paul supporters founded the Louisiana Taxpayers Party and selected Ron Paul and Barry Goldwater Jr. as their presidential candidates. Watch their commercial below.

In Montana, the Constitution Party of Montana used to be an affiliate of the national Constitution Party until July 2006. Since then, it has been an independent party. This year, they selected Ron Paul and Michael Peroutka as their presidential candidates. Watch Montana governor Brian Schweitzer talk favorably about Ron Paul.

If you live in Louisiana or Montana, please vote for Ron Paul and spread the message that he is on the ballot.

If you live in any other state, help break the two party monopoly and vote for Chuck Baldwin, who was endorsed by Ron Paul on September 23, or for any other third party candidate of your choice.