The Federal Reserve is on the Defensive

Show: Alex Jones Show
Date: 7/29/2009

Alex Jones: Congressman, great to have you on with us here, sir.

Ron Paul: Good, Alex. It’s good to be with you again.

Alex Jones: It’s good to have you here. Gallup poll shows that now a majority of Americans would abolish [audit] the Federal Reserve, if they could, according CNBC. Can you comment on this exciting development, Congressman?

Ron Paul: Well, I think it’s rather amazing. You know, a year or two ago, I imagined very few people even thought about the Federal Reserve. I think because of the economic crisis, because of the blundering with the TARP funds where the American people said, “We need to know what you guys are doing and how you are wasting the money,” We saw an opening that we can call attention to the American people about kind of shenanigans has been going on in the Federal Reserve and that along with the presidential campaign, all of a sudden, the Federal Reserve now has become a key issue, which is something you and I have been arguing for a good many years and, of course, it was the issue that prompted me to go into politics.

And lo and behold, now it’s front and center in the debate and there is a lot more yet to come. We need to know what they’re doing. That’s why our audit bill is so important. But eventually though, we need a sound monetary system and I think if we continue with our progress, hopefully we’ll reach that point someday.

Alex Jones: Congressman, you said back during the campaign in 2008, something big is happening and I even tend to underestimate… I’ve been telling you for years that I think we’re starting to win and you’ve been optimistic, but also, you know, somewhat conservative and saying, “Well, we’ll just keep working.” But do you revise your forecast? I mean, that something big you’ve talked about is even bigger than we had even hoped and happening quicker? I mean, I think this is something bordering on 1776 or what happened to Ceausescu in Romania. I think it’s more explosive than even you or I may have thought previously.

Ron Paul: Yeah, and I don’t pretend to know exactly what would happen and when, but you know, when you distort things and grossly so like we have for 35 years, you know it has to give and at that time it wasn’t clear cut exactly what would happen. So the financial crisis hit, the house of cards has come down and that is really pretty big is what’s going on.

But no, I think it’s even bigger than that, on both the negative and the positive side because I think we’re working now on the dollar crisis and the dollar crisis will be a ten times bigger event than the financial collapse, and then the big deal will be which way are we going to go? Are we going to say as Americans that, you know, we had a taste of freedom, we want our freedom back and we want constitutional law and we want sound money, or are we going to be complacent and the majority of the people will say, “Yes, let the government do whatever they want. They’ll take care of us and we trust the government.”

So we’re in the midst of that and I’m hoping like you are that we can win this fight and people opt for more freedom rather than more dependency. But we’re a little bit off from that because right now in Washington everybody is still pushing more government. I mean, just look at what Obama is doing with more war, more spending, more borrowing, more socialized medicine, more cap and trade, and more taxes, but at home, when I go home around the country or talk on radio shows, I find out that there is literally not tens of thousands, but literally millions of people who understand exactly what’s going on and they’ve had enough and I think this spontaneity with some of these tea parties shows there are a lot of people who are very upset with what’s happening.

Alex Jones: Well, yes, sir. We’ve gone in the last year from the media laughing at anti-Federal Reserve movement and the anti-globalist movement, but now openly on the news every night, they’re saying they’re scared. The establishment is openly up there on their parapets, the controlled Left-Right paradigm, admitting that this movement is like a bush fire set in the minds of men, as Thomas Jefferson said. I mentioned the poll, the scientific poll, there’s Gallup and others showing that below 50 percent for the Federal Reserve now and growing. Obama and his approval rating now the lowest of any modern president at this point six months into office.

It’s just looks like government on every front is in free-fall unless you’re pro-liberty libertarian like yourself and your numbers are just going off the chart, numbers, my radio show has been picked up by more and more stations. This show is exploding. Every other indicator is, liberty is rising. Tyranny is still juggernauting forward, but losing momentum as they drive through their agenda. Can you comment on this?

Ron Paul: Well, I think one of the best symbols of what you’re talking about is the fact that the Fed feels so much on the defensive. They sent the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board out to hold town hall meetings. That is hilarious. But that it also shows that they’re on the defensive and we’re on the offensive, but we have right on our side, the absurdity that they can control us forever by just printing money and claiming that they will always have wealth by printing money is so absurd that the people realized this, so I think since we have honest money and truth and limited government and freedom on our side, if we don’t win, there’s something awfully wrong with this and yet, I think obviously we’re making great progress.

Alex Jones: Well, I think knowing we can win and historically having some victories, that is always what leads to the victory, having right on your side, having history common sense, free market, and then having victories and seeing that we can actually go up against these people. It’s very exciting. I mean, the fight is just now starting. I’m not saying it’s easy, but I think the momentum is starting to shift. Sir, you’ve talked a lot previously about staged crises, Gulf of Tonkin-type events. They’re now green-lighting Biden and others saying, “Yeah, we’ll support Israel. They have a right to hit Iran.” Economic crises, economic terrorism, paying banks not to lend, as Kucinich has been covering, your fellow congressman. What tricks do they have up their sleeves? Are you concerned about staged crises?

Ron Paul: Yeah, I’m concerned, but I don’t have any insight to what they plan or what they will do and there may be an accident that they will play on and blow up or react to, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be absolutely contrived. They may have an accidental confrontation or sometimes they’ll just go out and something gets blown up that will incite the people. I don’t have any immediate insights, but I’m always on the alert and vigilant because we’re so vulnerable. We’re so much involved around the world. All kinds of things could break loose and overnight, the political and the economic environment could change rather quickly.

Alex Jones: Well, it’s like Rahm Emanuel said to the Wall Street Journal. He said, “We don’t want to let a good crisis go to waste,” so created or opportunistically used. But what about economic terrorism? Back in October, they said, “Give us unlimited power in the banking or there’s going to be a depression” and the stock market plunged 777 points. Is that not economic terrorism?

Ron Paul: Yeah, it is and if they think that they have not put enough fear in the heart of the people, they’ll create the fear because people succumb and they give up their liberties when they are very fearful, so that’s what we have to convince the people that they should not be doing is sacrificing their liberties for their security.

Alex Jones: Congressman, I know you have a vote coming up any minute. We’re back in 70 seconds. Let me speak to you during the break.

Ron Paul: Okay.