79% of Americans Now Favor Auditing The Federal Reserve

So much for the ongoing secrecy of the nation’s independent central banking system. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 79% of Americans favor auditing the Federal Reserve and making the results available to the public. Just seven percent (7%) of adults think that’s a bad idea and oppose it. Fourteen percent (14%) aren’t sure.

Rasmussen Survey of 1,000 Adults
November 29-30, 2009

“A proposal has been made to audit the Federal Reserve and make the results available to the public. Do you favor or oppose auditing the Federal Reserve?”

Favor: 79%
Oppose: 7%
Not sure: 14%

This telephone survey of 1,000 Adults was conducted by Rasmussen Reports on November 29-30, 2009. The margin of sampling error for the survey is +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence (see methodology).

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  • TAKEaction

    EVERYONE of you that is reading this must write to at least one senator and DEMAND we get rid of the Fed. It is NOT too late. Take action because what YOU DO does matter. David beat goliath and WE CAN TOO … as long as we are not apathetic! Look up any senator online and you can write to the, JUST DO IT … NOW!

  • The Fed’s record speaks for itself loud and clear.


    No animosity required any longer……they failed.

    What does the American people do with failure…


  • Nancy

    Mr. longshotlouie,

    Are you aware of what the Federal Reserve’s mission is? To keep employment levels high, and maintain price stability. The Fed has certainly maintained price stability in the current crisis, and in fact we have seen deflation in recent months.

    I make no argument regarding unemployment, no one can deny that we are facing exceptionally high levels of unemployment, but the Fed is not to blame for this. It has transformed its monetary policy to be as accommodative as it can to the slumping economy, but unfortunately the Federal Reserve cannot force businesses to hire, and it should not be blamed for it.

    • Nate Y

      The Federal Reserve has completely failed. But this shouldn’t shock us. They attempt to do the impossible.


    • Lindsey

      Nancy: Most people on this site want the Fed. audited because they simply don’t trust their elitist attitude with our national currency. If they are doing nothing wrong then the audit will show it. However, the facts are that the dollar is worth 4% of what it was when the Fed was created. Their record on maintaining price stability is therefor pretty bad. Employment levels will remain high until we as a country realize where our wealth really comes from and developing that wealth. Tinkering with lending rates to banks does nothing to increase national wealth and increase employment levels.

    • longshotlouie

      Mz Nancy,

      Are you aware that if we determined the CPI using the same method used before it was changed during the Clinton administration then the index would be around +3.20?

      You are correct in pointing out that inflation is down since a high of 9.0% (pre-Clinton method) about 18 months ago. The CPI bottomed out at 1.2% (pre-Clinton method) about August this year and has risen steadily since to it’s current level of 3.20%.

      Highs at 9% and lows at near 1% in an 18 month period is not stability. And the deflation you speak of is only relevant to discretionary products. Products of necessity such as food and fuel are continuing to rise at an alarming rate which effects most of us but more so those with limited resources. Folks that are fighting to keep gas in the tank and food on the table don’t give a fuzzy rats ass about deflation in the electronics aisle or how much a trip to Hawaii has gone down.

      Speaking of the pre-Clinton method, the unemployment rate stands at 21.9% using the old formula.

      The Fed is most certainly responsible. Serious people do not dispute their responsibility for the economic crisis. There was an enormous housing bubble that was easy for competent economists to recognize. It was inevitable that it would collapse and that its collapse would lead to a serious downturn. Bernanke and the Fed allowed the bubble to just continue to expand until it collapsed of its own weight instead of using the powers of the Fed to rein it in before it grew to dangerous levels. All of this is entirely clear to those who know the history, even if the facts may be confused in the minds of the Fed’s cheerleaders.

      The only way to get away with a pathetic job performance like that is to work for the government.

      “Whoever controls the volume of money in any country is absolute master of all industry and commerce.”
      — James A. Garfield,
      President of the United States

      The system of fractional-reserve banking and fiat money has been a complete disaster. Face it, the gig is up.

    • longshotlouie

      Emergency Jobless Insurance Claims Surge By Most Ever In Prior Week


    • Will

      Do YOU know what the (private) Federal Reserve’s mission is? It is to maximize its own profits, just as every other private bank does. Remember, the Federal Reserve is about as “Federal” as Federal Express. It is a privately-owned central bank sanctioned by the Federal Reserve Act.
      Where is this deflation you talk about??? Prices are rising here, and abroad our dollar isn’t worth squat! The Fed’s policies are inherently inflationary and have been since day one of its existence. We allow this private bank to issue our currency, and every single dollar they print has interest attached to it…interest paid to private bankers before that dollar even hits your hand.
      You need to wake up…

  • Nancy

    Sadly, Rep. Paul, I must actively disagree with you and your supports that we need to not only audit the Federal Reserve but eventually end it. I believe much of the animosity currently directed toward the Federal Reserve stems from most Americans ignorance of the role the Federal Reserve actually plays in the American economy, not the role people believe it plays. It is this problem that needs to be rectified, not ending the Federal Reserve.

    • longshotlouie

      The animosity is about the Federal Reserve having failed in all points of it’s mission statement.

      Why should we prop up another failed system?

  • Jeff Graff

    Mr. Paul, please keep on keepin’ on. I live in Missouri and I’ve written to Senator McCaskill linking her website to the Washington Post article today and a quote about the traction that the “audit the Fed” movement is getting.

    I watched a program last night about Andrew Jackson’s Presidency and his fight to end the Second National Bank of the United States because of the consolidation of power that was taking place within the economy. I am not a Jackson fan given some of his views but I remind myself that he was also a product of his time. But, I was struck by some of the parallels that exist between the current Fed and the 2nd National Bank of that era.

  • Ken

    79% approval is hopeful and encouraging. But wait just a second, were we not at approximately an 80 percent disapproval rating when all those wonderful representatives we elected passed the TARP plan?

    Ron, just keep doing what you do. People are stirring from their slumber. Lets just pray that what they find when they wake up is not so frightful as to cause a mass return to the comfort of the covers and fluffy pillows.

  • longshotlouie

    People sign petition to “increase inflation to 100%”… ????


  • Dick

    In reading the “Case Against The Fed” by Murray Rothbard, I agree that we need to audit and perhaps begin to dismantle it, but our foreign debt is so huge now we may not be able to do it easily. I don’t think the bankers will allow us to take too much power from them. They have been working to set this Fed up for a long time.

  • Oscar

    The public are now very aware.Almost 80% is really quite an incredible achievement in such a short period of time.Is there anyway an audit can be fast tracked by Congress?

    Time is now of the essence since the $ is on the slide and ‘Climate Gate’ will see an end to new carbon taxes/poisoness derivatives.

  • hell yeah! people are waking up, paying attention, and getting involved! GO RON PAUL GO!!!