Ron Paul: Stop Bailing Out Foreign Governments!

Ron Paul addressed a joint hearing of the Subcommittee on International Monetary Policy and Trade and the Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology today. The hearing was entitled “The Role of the International Monetary Fund and Federal Reserve in Stabilizing Europe”.

Date: 05/20/2010


  • outragedguy

    Everyone from the Rothchilds, to Rockefeller, to the JP Morgans, to all the Goldman & Sachs officials and the rest of the Wall Street banking dipsh1ts needs to be arrested and locked up with the key thrown away forever, for the biggest crime the world has ever seen: treason, fraud, and deformation of the citizens of the United States of America. Actually, lining all these bastards up in front of a firing squad would be a more suitable punishment in my opinion. But for the sake of being civil, eternal hell in the deepest, darkest hole with no possibility of ever being released will do, I guess. The government should be punished too, for being paid off by these jerkwads and forgetting about the other 300+ million citizens of this nation.

    If any one of us did what the Federal Reserve does (fraud), we’d be arrested on sight. Yet somehow its perfectly legal for them. What a joke.

  • hound692

    The citizens of America are not getting F**KED by this government…they’re getting RAPED by this government.

  • The debt crisis in Greece and other parts of Europe are already having a negative impact on us here in the U.S. so pretty soon we are going to be forced to bail them out for being fiscally irresponsible for not putting a cap on their spending.

  • Bendo13

    hmmm so in a sense we exchange an equal amount… they know the euro is going to drop in value, but the European bank has to pay back the amount of dollars they took.. So, if and when the euro drops in value… they’re going to have to pay back MORE than what they really took in terms of overall value… is that essentially the game plan that Ron go the guy to reveal here?

  • Subversion is hidden death basically it needs the government (PROPAGANDA) into fooling you that they’re operating in your best interests.
    Believe me its evil because no one would suspect their own government would lie.
    1923 Germany – Their government lied about how much paper money they were printing up, how many died – who cares right ?
    2010 USA same thing, you guys die nobody will care.

  • That’s written in the US constitution, I’ve got no problem working for gold and silver coin but I have big problems with the “PAPER” I’m working for is a bill of credit.
    Like when will the American people wake up to the FACT that they’re funding the subversive war tactics of the US government.
    I know then people would have to be honest and put in a honest days work.
    Not going to happen the planet’s population is doomed.

  • Ron Paul has seen right through the oligarchy’s plan, and he has destroyed it by informing people and questioning the oligarchy in the public’s eye. He has saved us from a future of complete dominion of the oligarchy. Whether he would admit it or not, or accept it, Ron Paul truly is a hero amongst men.

  • peter wang

    A lot of talks have been posted on tea party website about evil socialism of Obama and Dems.

    However, socialist country doesn’t have a private central bank like Federal Reserve System that sucks the blood of its citizens and tax payers. People living in socialist country needn’t to pay income tax for the printing money from Federal Reserve System.

    Here we Americans have to pay more than half of our income tax to Federal Reserve System for doing nothing more than creating numbers in computer system.

    That’s why we see university cost soaring to heaven, road conditions collapsing, medical insurance soaring, internet bandwidth lagging behind thir world country; and teachers losing their jobs, officials and congressmen taking bribes from lobbyists who have their Federal Reserve System root and trading Constitutional Rights and Citizens interests. That list can go on and on.

    What I can say is, after Lincoln set free the blacks, again we all Americans are becoming slaves of the Federal Reserve System. The burden is huge, we and our next generations have to pay the $12T debt (that’s $40,000 per capita and $120,000 per family).

    However, this Obama President still nominated Tim Geither former Federal Reserve New York Bank Head to lead Treasury Department, even when after found this Geithner intentionally not paying his own income tax for four years. Regular citizens would have already been put into prison.

    Impeach Obama now and elect Ron Paul 2012 is the only hope left for US.

  • Hello do we need any other proof that we need to vote out BOTH democrats and republicans? Keep Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Rand Paul and throw all the rest out. I guarantee you, even though you might like your congressman / senator, he’s taking money under the table like the rest of them.

    A storm is coming, it’s called the 3rd party. Get on the boat.

  • Bailout is bailout. It’s not like the money is spend in only one country regardless who is “bailed out”.

  • the only government i want is a government that wants us to live free and control our money and give us safety we dont want you to control everything because FOR THIS
    we should be calling for votes you shouldent be making all these laws that we never even hear of its we are not a free country anymore the government is in control

  • the federal reserve creates dollars which we then lend to European Centeralized Bank and they are going to repay us with the same amount in euro’s. but the market is really unstable right now and the euro has been very unstable people in the market are talking about whats going to happen if europe fails because of how unstable things are over there.

  • jaycedace

    ‘but we hold the euros’ Ron Paul on point as usual I had no idea what the other guy was talking about, if you can’t convince them just confuse them

  • “Why don’t we just throw them all out?”

    Because the majority of Americans out there are dumber than a sack of hammers. Its been almost a 100 years of subversive war strategy on the US population.

  • His answer contradicts itself. What a retard. He says the nations who borrowed in US dollars, need US dollar funding instead of Euros? NO, if we are giving them greenbacks as equal exchange collateral then Euros do have value to Greece. Unbelievable stupidity and no common sense.

    Creating billions out of thin air and forcing it on the open market is inflationairy PERIOD. Why don’t we just throw them all out?

  • Fed creates dollars for the European Euros that the Europeans created. Is that whats happeneing?

  • Please some one save the world and dismantle goldman sachs!