Join Ron Paul in Orlando, FL (Aug 13 – 15)

Liberty minded activists will meet in Orlando, FL Aug 13th – 15th to network, learn, and build as our grassroots Revolution to reclaim our Republic and restore our Constitution continues. Network with fellow liberty-minded tea party activists, learn about history and current events from a freedom perspective you won’t hear from the mainstream media, and prepare to take back our country with top-notch training from nationally known experts.

The Liberty Summit 2010 Regional Conference will:

  • Strengthen your understanding of history and foundational principles necessary to maintain liberty
  • Teach you how to persuasively communicate our movement’s mission and message
  • Train you in how to recruit, equip, and mobilize an army of informed citizens and build the organizational structure necessary to win
  • Help you master the political process on the local, state, and national level

Our confirmed speakers will include:

  • Congressman Ron Paul, Honorary Chairman of Campaign for Liberty, best-selling author of “The Revolution: A Manifesto” & “End the Fed”.
  • Tom Woods, best-selling author of “Meltdown” & “Nullification”, historian, and Senior Fellow at the Ludwig Von Mises Institute.
  • Tom DiLorenzo, best-selling author of “How Capitalism Saved America”.
  • Kevin Gutzman, best-selling author of “The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution”
  • Senator Carey Baker, Florida Senator, owner of the oldest gun store in America, and Senate sponsor of the Florida Freedom Bills.
  • Representative Scott Plakon, Florida Representative, CEO, publisher, and House sponsor of the Florida Freedom Bills.
  • Tom Mullen, author of “A Return to Common Sense”
  • Peter Gemma, freelance writer and fundraiser.
  • Kirk Shelley, C4L Senior Consultant and “Your Political Guru”.
  • Other Special Guests TBA

Register today for only $49! The $49 fee includes all training sessions. The Friday night Liberty Celebration at 7:00 PM will be free and open to the public.

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  • Rick

    You need to list the location on this page.

    • Rick

      nevermind this is last years

  • JD

    Thats a 2 hour ride from where I’m at!! I’m bringin all my friends and spreading the word, I hope to meet and get a picture with the freedom fighter! Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!

    • Machine

      I am trying to make arrangments to go, I live just south of Tampa, even if its just for Saturday,it will be educational and exciting.

  • Would love to visit warm and sunny Florida to see Dr. Paul speak. Although I also hope that he comes to Michigan soon.

  • I’m Brenda from Pensacola, Florida (who wrote the recent comment).

    Some of you readers probably aren’t aware of what’s going on in the mental health care system in America today.

    Literally anyone now can be forced to take dangerous psychiatric drugs against their will, including people who are harmless and people who are not actually mentally ill.

    Also, the government can force any parent to put their children on these harmful psychiatric drugs, despite the fact that the side effects can be deadly to children.

    By the way, my state Florida is known as the child drugging capital of the world.

    • Machine

      Hello Brenda, I live on the S.W. Coast of Fl. You should take time and come to Orlando.

      I have been hearing more and more about this State mandated perscriptions. Please tell me more…If you have any links that would be appreciated.

      Not sure if you are framilar with…They did a three part story on a Canadian woman whoes son is autistic and would have very violent out bursts, he would throw things, bite, punch, swear…The medications the Dr. was perscribing had known side effects that were unknown in longterm but had several times led to fatalities in children. Then she began reading on and reasearching medical marijuana…Long stroy short (however do read the artical), shortly after dialing in the right strand and dosage of marijuana her son showed incredible signs of improved social behaviour. Again please read the artical it is very compeling.

      Well I hope you can make it to Orlando.

  • I wish Ron Paul would come to Pensacola, Florida (where I live).

    Our government now is destroying the physical health of us citizens and our children with these dangerous psychiatric drugs. Teenagers are having heart-attacks as a result of these drugs, and some kids have died as a result of these drugs. The government definitely owns our bodies now.

    About the only freedom that we have with our bodies now is we have the freedom to let our 13-year old daughters go to middle school showing their cleavage, despite the fact that they’re sitting in classrooms full of hormone-charged boys.

    I don’t think this is the type of freedom that our founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.

    I am so disgusted that it makes me cry sometimes. It seems like Ron Paul is about the only politician left that understands and truly cares about the American people anymore.

  • fred the protectionist

    I hope you all choke on the hot and humid/sticky/gummy/disgusting SE weather. Go to New Orleans.

  • Travis

    Would love to go, can’t afford to travel that far though. If this was in a decent distance of me though I could scrounge up the $50.

  • Matt

    Anyone who doesn’t support Ron Paul and goes to his events doesn’t realize we’re living in a matrix and we need to get out! It should be ILLEGAL for the Government to create money that has debt attached to it…

  • Patricia

    Ron Paul: Please come to Michigan!

  • Dang, that’s a powerhouse of a lineup. Love Tom Woods and of course RON PAUL!