Ron Paul: It’s TIME to come home!

Ron Paul comments on the current TIME cover and speaks out for ending the war in Afghanistan. It’s better to help people than to bomb them!

Date: 07/29/2010

TIME Peace Cover Contest

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  • xMaXiMuSx

    how about the genocide commited by the United states.. the millions in Iraq that died from sanctions in the 90’s.. the millions that have died from our bombings and interventions. I will end this debate once and for all.. if we were not involved in the middle east there is no 9-11.. That is just a FACT. End of story.

  • mitchblatt1dot1com

    How can we leave?

    How can we allow genocide in Sudan? How can we allow military dictatorship in Burma?

    Oh, we’re such bad people if we don’t invade those countries (which we have nothing to do with) and try to overthrow their governments!

  • Mattboy2388

    CNN can sell a war just a as good as FAUX.

  • mrbobl7388

    Comment to dontblockmedk and others who think like this. Your ideas are flawed. When those of us who are the producers are not allowed to have the total fruits of our labor, we will stop producing. Now what do you think about that. I suggest that you read the Ayn Rand book “ATLAS SHRUGGED” This book describes exactly where the U.S. is at this moment. Maybe the government idea of getting rid of the “useless eaters” is not so bad after all.

    • Citizen

      Let’s not “get rid of the eaters”
      We aren’t Marxists or Nazis!

      We are LIBERTARIANS….

      We support and promote virtues and DO NOT subsidize SLOTH!!!

  • HealthisWealthyes

    See the film about real solutions called “The Money Masters” free on youtube or “The Secret of Oz” both by Bill Still. Courage to all who work for freedom.

  • vv901vv901

    Since there was an interview, why did the anchor have to quote Paul at the end instead of playing the part where he said what he supposedly “went on to say”?

  • wunderbeast

    2:53 wtf? i wanted to hear the rest of what he had to say! is there a non-edited version of this?