Will Rand Paul join Ron Paul on Capitol Hill?

Date: 08/03/2010

“Texas Congressman Ron Paul is considered a lone wolf on Capitol Hill. He has voted against so many big government programs that his colleagues nicknamed him Dr. No. But Paul is hardly alone in his political beliefs these days. In fact, his influence could turn Washington into a family affair.”



  • DinosaurM1911

    I’m down with ANY third party. Except the Nazis… Ok, maybe the Nazis. No? Ok, no Nazis.

  • DarkCyder9

    Rand should run with Ron, as his VP! Paul/Paul 2012

  • NCIcaucus

    Ron Paul is the best!! We love you Dr. Paul!! Rand Paul too!

  • Dfens

    I’ve got to give Rand credit, he’s at least willing to say stuff like this to the faces of the people it will kill, unlike his father who doesn’t have the guts:

    The Bowling Green eye doctor has come under attack from members of the United Mine Workers who recently said they were alarmed by Paul’s suggestions in a magazine interview that elected officials in Washington shouldn’t be setting coal mining rules.

    After his speech, Paul said all levels of government have a role in regulating the coal industry, adding that his preference generally is for “more local over federal” oversight.

    Paul, an advocate for more limited government, suggested the need for a broad review of coal regulations to determine what’s working.

    Conway, the state attorney general, has won the UMW’s endorsement in the race to succeed Republican Sen. Jim Bunning, who is retiring after two terms.

    Conway spokesman John Collins said the Democratic candidate would be a strong defender of the coal sector because it creates good-paying jobs, attracts industry and fosters low electricity rates.

    “That’s why he opposes any and all cap-and-trade legislation, which unfairly punishes coal states like Kentucky and raises utility rates,” Collins said. — Kentucky.com

    Rand is a real “man of the people”. He doesn’t care if the big coal companies are all for reducing the safety of American mines so they can equal the production value of coal made overseas, he’s willing to take that stupid idea to the coal miners themselves. The only thing he won’t take to these coal miners is the possibility of raising tariffs. No, tariffs are too scary. They might result in US power plants burning coal mined in the US by miners who are employees rather than slaves, who work under safe conditions instead of those in Communist China who die like flies tyring to get their crappy, highly polluting reserves.

    • GB

      There are alternatives, friend, to the federal government doing everything for us.

      • Dfens

        I’d be happy if the federal government would do the things they are supposed to do per the US Constitution, like protecting our borders and our markets. You remember the US Constitution, right? It’s that one page document where the states signed away certain rights and responsibilities to the federal government because they thought these things would be best handled by a federal government. You should read that document some time.

  • soweyesee

    we should save up for a huge war and put the money in a gigantic pigybank and when we have enough well smash the pig open and spend spend spend and kill kill kill and life would be better than it is.

  • GB

    “fred the protectionist
    August 14, 2010 at 6:27 pm | Permalink
    Yes fool, tariffs lower the price of imports by strengthening the dollar, unlike Free Trade which destroys the dollar and increases the price of imports. ”

    Please explain how these take place.

  • Serge

    Hahaha Dfens ok I’m convinced you’re just retarded. Do you even have a point to make? Thank you for making my point again though. You’re right the Chinese have a middle class now and do you ever think why? Why suddenly did their economy grow after 1978? Of course it has nothing to do Deng Xiaoping opening up China to a market based economy vs the central planned communist economy that existed in China under Mao. You need to go back to school and educated yourself then come back here. You’re pathetic.

    • Dfens

      Yes, clearly, comrade, I need re-education. Perhaps while I’m being re-educated you can use me as slave labor in your factory too. You wacky Libertarians, you’re just all about freedom, aren’t you?

    • fred the protectionist

      A) China has a middle class only by Central African standards.

      B) China’s entire economic growth is involved in building up it’s military-industrial complex.

      C) It all happened because Free Traitors like you gave 1st world jobs to 3rd world oligarchies.

  • Serge


    Did you even read what I wrote? I clearly wrote that its the Chinese consumers that suffer from the restrictions that the government is placing on its economy and imports. I also wrote that the average Chinese citizen has an income of less then 1/10th as compared to his US counterpart. Since you are continuing with the personal attacks I’ll do the same. You must be a little slow if you can’t connect the dots and see that I was making the complete opposite point and since the average Chinese citizen is worse off then the average US citizen precicely because of the restrictions and protectionist policies of China. The reason its the fastest growing economy is because they started out from much lower(3rd world country status) and then moved towards a free market economy. In the United States the opposite is happening. The US used to be a much more free market capitalist economy and is moving more in the opposite direction.

    • fred the protectionist

      Wrong, it is Protectionism, wage disparity, and 1st world Free Trade policies in their countries which is industrializing China.

      • Dfens

        Yeah, it’s horrible how the Communist Chinese are suffering. For the first time they have a middle class! Oh the humanity! They have jobs. They can buy sh, er stuff they made with their own hands. They have kids graduating from college with technical degrees that can find jobs. Is there no end to their suffering? Oh pleeeze, Ron Paul, go help them and leave us the hell alone!

  • Serge


    The reason for the growth in China is because their government rejected the central planning policies of Mao in 1978 and since then the free market based economy(with many restrictions) has produced the fastest growing economy in the world that you mention. It has nothing to do with their protectionist policies. The fact is that the average Chinese citizen is living on $4,000 a year and the average US citizen is living on $46,000. So who is better off? In the end it is the Chinese consumers that suffer from their countries protectionist policies. Thanks for the sarcasm, it is quiet entertaining…although misguided.

    • fred the protectionist

      Wrong. The reason China has grown so fast is because their workers earn less then 1/20th of what Americans earn, and trade barriers in America were reduced.

    • Dfens

      So US businesses move to China because they are such good “capitalists” not because their labor costs are so low? Let’s all drink that halucinogenic Koolaide. It’s a Communist dictatorship. What part of that do you Libertarian stooges not understand? If you love Communist Red China so damn much, then feel free to move there.

      • fred the protectionist

        Yeah, move away Free Traitors, we don’t like your kind around here’s no more.

  • CptPacMAYNE

    I hope well for Paul, however, our current 2 party system makes it almost impossible for an independent to be elected.

  • Serge


    I suggest you take some economics 101. Free trade is good for everyone. The only ones that benefit from putting restrictions and tarrifs are the local manufacturers and service providers. The consumers, you and I lose when this happens. Think about this rationally. Is it really so bad if we import more then we export? Is it really good for China to export more then it imports? All it means is that we get more for less. Is that really bad? As Adam Smith wrote “the citizens of a nation benefit from getting as large a vloume of imports as possible in return for its exports, or equivalently, from exporting as little as possible to pay for its imports.”

    • Forest

      Are you saying that Chinese labor really comprises and constitutes ‘Free Trade’?

    • Dfens

      There’s one thing for sure, “free trade” has been great for Communist China, hasn’t it, comrade? And protectionism has nearly devastated Red China’s economy. I mean, double digit growth for the last 30 years! How do they stand it?

    • fred the protectionist

      Wrong, Consumers lose with Free Trade. There has been price inflation in goods primarily from imports, especially imports in raw materials that are absolutely necessary like oil; unlike imports that are not absolutely necessary like finished goods.

      • Hahaha

        “Consumers lose with Free Trade”

        That would get you a “fail” on your econ 101 midterm.

        Better luck next year.

        • fred the protectionist

          I guess you haven’t noticed, FOOL, but imports have been experiencing double digit inflation ever since NAFTA.

        • HAHAH

          And your solution is to add tariffs and make those imports even higher priced. American consumers would *love* that.


        • Dfens

          Yeah, the American consumer would hate to have an actual job that paid them an actual middle class paycheck so they could buy something instead of just window shopping the things they can’t afford on their portion of the government dole. Real Americans work. Libertarians are sponges.

        • fred the protectionist

          Yes fool, tariffs lower the price of imports by strengthening the dollar, unlike Free Trade which destroys the dollar and increases the price of imports.

        • LOL

          Dfens, “hard working americans” don’t need to rely on government intervention to make their industries prosperous. “Sponges” do that.

          And Fred, read this:


    • GB

      Nice work, Serge. Spot on.

  • Davido

    Bushes talk to people. Burning bushes, that is.

    Rabbis walk on water. Well, one rabbi carpenter. Dead dudes powerlift bolders.

    It rains blood; it rains frogs. Seas turn to blood. Seas part for really old dudes.


    Three of the sturdiest central steel beemed high risers in NY collapse neatly into themselves (not structural failure, controlled demolition style) within 45 minutes. Plumes of explosive exudate pour from each window as the charges are set off on a timer-like system. Each building takes 4 to 10 seconds to crumble into itself.

    No black boxes are recovered from two NY and one DC jumbo passenger jets. This first time, ever, in jet transportation history. But THREE black boxes missing on one day? What are the odds? The FAA reports only on middle of the ocean crashes, and very, very few, have they failed to retrieve the black boxes fully intact. But somehow all the “terrorists” passports, paper passports, not solid steel passports, survived the 9/11 wreakage in only a slightly singed state. What are the odds?


    Wake up, somnambulists. Forest and the dawn of dead zombie society actually believe in one of the two morons leading you over an intellectual cliff for the past 9 years.

    Refer to “Alice in Wonderland and The Twin Towers” by David Ickes, top BBC investigative reporter, soccer star, and all-around menche.

    • David

      This is a good post Davido, you’ve obviously kept up on this thing much more so than i have and your raising some good and absolutely essential questions here as well.

      From an engineering standpoint, it is plausible that the buildings came down as they say they did. If burning jet fuel was pouring down the stairwells and elevator shafts and accumulating in the basements, and then burning in an even layer throughout, it is possible that it would have heated the steel support beams to the point where they all lost their integrity at once and they buildings would have collapsed in a manner similar to what they did. Although plausible, its also extremely improbable that each of them would have come down so perfectly and identically, each collapsing straight down on itself as they did with no residual damage to surrounding structures. Given access to the lower levels of the buildings, it would have made a lot of sense to set explosive charges, and bring them down deliberately in this manner since the structural integrity of the buildings had been compromised, in order to prevent them toppling over and destroying surrounding structures, but if this is the case, why the hell simply not tell us and state the reason for it ?. Again, just as you say, the terrorists paper passports survived, but where are the black boxes from the airliners and why haven’t the data and recordings from them been released if there is nothing to hide ?. You’d think those would have constituted front page news within days of the disaster, and if there is no complicity, then what is the reason not to fully disclose all details so the population can understand the situation to its fullest extent ?.

      Anyway, we have a Government and political establishment which is established, owned and controlled completely, totally and absolutely by America’s Banks, and hence is run on the basis of corruption, deception and conspiracy, as any business consisting of theft and fraud must be run as the only way it can sustain itself is by using these things to establish power. War creates enormous debt, which in and of itself could not exist without banks, and the only people who can possibly gain from war are Banks, just as they always have from each and every one for the past 1000 years, and this in combination with the many trillions of dollars they’ve been cheating and stealing from the population with their mortgage and investment scams, and collapsing the economy, is part of their final push to gain the same absolute ownership, power and control, over America and its population as they already have of our political establishment.


      Anyway, since the end result was war and aside from the single and only instance in history where war served to establish freedom for a population as was the case with the American Revolution, the only people who have ever profited from war are Banks. Since the America’s entire political establishment both Republican and Democrat, exists simply, only and exclusively in the service of America’s banks, to help them establish ever increasing power, control and ownership of America and its population to the point where this becomes absolute, just as it already has in every other place in the world. Since just as you say, there is more than sufficient reason to suspect complicity by the political establishment our banks have put in power to serve their interests, in this seemingly random terrorist act in order to ensure the long drawn out war which they needed to serve their interests, I would think that to any thinking person, such complicity / conspiracy would appear far more likely than not.

      Another question being asked by all thinking people now is in regards to the disaster in the gulf as well. Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to use dispersants to purposely dissolve a completely insoluble substance that you didn’t want, oil, in the ocean water, making it impossible to extract, and thus ensuring that it would poison everything in the ocean as opposed to simply that which came into contact with the oil, just as is being demonstrated with the preliminary results now ? I can see absolutely no reason for doing something so incredibly stupid, and so absolutely beyond the comprehension of any thinking reasoning person, except to willfully and deliberately create a disaster of global proportions which the f’ing bankers could use as an excuse to grab more power.

      As i said in another of my posts last night, this sh*t has gone on long enough and these miserable cheating, lying, scheming bastards need to be destroyed before they do any more damage than they already have. If this is going to happen, it will be a result of each and every one of us doing what we can as individuals to make it happen, so all of you get on the sound money blog and help is bring this about. People are pissed, they are looking for solutions and the solutions are there, we need all of you to help us get them into circulation so they will have something to work toward.

      Thanks Davido, keep thinking, keep questioning, keep posting. If any good is to result, and if we are going to save ourselves from the fate which has befallen the rest of the world, it will be a result of people like you that do.

      • Davido

        “Friendship with all nations, allies or enemies with none.” – Jefferson

        Bankers, military contractors and most politicians certainly have proven the middle-men of the millenium. The ultimate flim-flam artists – no value added, much extracted.

        The dispersant tack taken by BP and the Coast Guard is unconscionable, as you so succinctly reasoned, and appears to be another indication that our ability to suspend disbelief is not the sole purview of Hollywood special effects artists and their effect on us as movie goers. Daily, we swallow such cynical distortions and out-right trickery that one wonders whether the American middle and high school science departments, not withstanding their collegiate counterparts, have entirely failed in producing any graduates with an ounce of deductive or inductive reasoning.

        The basic moral/ethical question since the dawn of man seems to be: to butt-in on other people’s business (or species’ business, for that matter) or not. The Shakespearean motiff transcended by taking stock not in where we are within ourselves (and our own personal situations), but how is taking stock reflected on things much more important than our own self-interest.

        That may be why so many people are attracted to an old Vietnam surgeon/ Texas country doctor regardless of station or location (or political proclivity). For a guy to get an Econ PhD, run for office and stand up to the entrenched, massive and pervasive power structures within our society for the benefit of something bigger than himself, well, that is down-right ethical. Especially when most people retire in peace after delivering babies for 30 years and running a growing medical practice, to boot.

        David, the fight against financial and military imperialism has just begun. Ron Paul is just the current incarnation of lucidity and rationalism that will eventually prevail. Whether our kids have a sustainable earth, environment or economy by the time this is all accomplished and this mass delusion is outted is an entirely different matter, indeed.

        Peace. Out.

        • David

          Yeah, i couldn’t agree more. The “Old Doctor’s” motivations in this are the same as yours and my own, and he is fighting tooth and nail in order to save our republic simply and only because it needs to be done, and he has the will to give us 100 % of his efforts in this regard when he could be peacefully and happily retired instead. The last thing in this world that i want to do, or which most of the rest of us want to do, is to be involved in these miserable issues and problems as well, but if we don’t all contribute what efforts we can to resolving them at this point, then each and every other thing that any of us could possibly have that could be worth living for will no longer exist, so we simply don’t have a choice in the matter and neither does Ron Paul.

          The thing that people need to realize though, is that neither Ron Paul, nor any other organization which any of us belong to is capable of doing anything towards setting things right, without the entire population of America first organizing themselves into the mass public action we need, in order to destroy our banking system and the power they have established to prevent them from doing so in the first place. In the last Presidential election, even though he was coming in with more then 40 % of the popular support, 3 times that of any other potential candidate in the initial straw polls and was clearly the President that the people wanted we were not given a chance to vote for him. Even if he comes in with 100 % of the popular support in 2012, we still wont get a chance to vote for him, and we should all have figured this out by now too. Until “we the people” can get ourselves organized and acting collectively as individuals to destroy this power on our own and do it ourselves, we will have no more chance of electing someone like Dr. Paul in 2012 then we had the last time around, and any debates on who should be his VP. etc. are simply moot points until this happens. Even if we should do the impossible and manage circumvent this power, and get him elected anyway, the banks would simply have him assassinated before he could accomplish anything, just as they did Kennedy and every other president we have elected who represented a threat to their power over our economy and political system, so in electing him without having first destroyed this power, the only thing would would have accomplished would be to have signed his death warrant. Any attempts to take back our country through the established political process are simply and only an exercise in futility as we no longer have any control of it, and any debates toward this end just so much hot air.

          The good thing at this point is that the theft, fraud, lies, conspiracies, corruption, manipulations and distortions have become so blatantly obvious that no one but the few very stupidest among us is swallowing the bullshit anymore and we quite literally have 350,000,000 very angry people who are putting blame where it correctly belongs, are ready to do something about it, and if enough of us can work toward putting the problems and solutions in front of their faces until they are forced to think, understand, and figure out what they need to do, then i think there’s an extremely good chance that we can organize the mass economic revolt we need in order to peacefully destroy the power and re-establish America in such a manner as its founding fathers intended it to be, for the benefit of its people. If this happens though, it will only be a result of each of us, acting as individuals, and each putting their own efforts, abilities and intelligence toward this effort to bring this about. Ron Paul can’t do it without us first destroying the power which will never allow us to elect him, and the banks will simply manage to corrupt any other organization which has any potential of doing this before it becomes a significant threat to them as seems to have happened with the tea party per a discussion between DJ and myself awhile back. This is exactly why i’ve been repeatedly begging and pleading for everyone on here to get on the sound money blog and start scrolling through the posts and copy/pasting and emailing them to everyone they know. We need to get these solutions in front of people over, and over, and over again, until they’ve been exposed to them so often that they finally figure them out and have something to work towards for all of our common good, and this has to happen 350,000,000 x 10 or 12 times in order to be effective. What we’ve been doing so far is working too. I recently had an email from a long time friend of mine, who is a very well respected academic, and one of the deans at one of this countries more prominent universities. He’s been a typical die hard neo social democrat all his life, and despite our friendship, our political views have always been something we’ve had to agree to disagree on. Anyway, as it turns out, he’s been spending the past couple of months reading and carefully considering every one of the dozens of forwards i’ve been sending him from here, and has finally reached the point where he has been forced to put aside everything which he formerly believed and is understanding and considering the concepts of a truly free economy, which has never existed in this world except for the short time that Ben Franklin and his cohorts had it in place prior to the revolution, and just what a simple thing it would be to not only provide more than enough for everyone, but at the same time create some very rich and abundant prosperity for each and every one of us who contribute to our productive effort as well, and that the simple means to it is to simply get rid of the parasites who have always prevented what would simply and naturally exist without them.

          Hehehehe, i’m putting a lot of faith in Ron Paul at this point myself, as the only point on which i disagree with him are his stated “Austrian economic” views, which seem nothing more than a recipe for poverty and would not destroy the ultimate cause of it. I do know Ron Paul’s political history and his legislative and voting record though, as i’ve been following him from the very beginning and as such he has certainly gained my trust. He knows his history and he knows as well as i do the single and only thing which has ever generated rich and abundant success and prosperity for any population in the course of human history and has any potential to do so today, which was the single and only true “American” economic system which has ever existed, and he is also wise enough to deceive the tyrants in order to survive until he is in a position to actually destroy them, as all of his actions so far indicate to be his intent. In any event, we do need to be understanding this, we need to understand what Ron Paul has to say and do today, in order to give him a chance to continue fighting on our behalf, and if were going to motivate the mass public action we need to kill the existing powers in order to make it possible to get Ron Paul elected to the presidency, we need to do it with something which actually can create the rich and abundant prosperity for the population which they deserve and that will give them the incentive to participate in the effort. We have to be the ones to say the things which Ron Paul, the tea party, and any other organization which any of you may belong to cannot say at this point without bringing about their own destruction and the cessation of their efforts on our behalf. If successful, then we’ll find out what Ron Paul really thinks on the issue, and i think i already know what that will be.

          The bottom line here is that our banking system will simply kill Ron Paul, or any other prominent person who so much as breathes a word about any economic system which can function without them and actually exist for the benefit of someone other than themselves as this is the last thing in the world which they want people to figure out and understand and they know full well that such understanding will be the means to their destruction. I don’t think that there are many people on here who are so stupid as to not have figured this out, and especially not Ron Paul, and we also know how absolutely desperate they are at this point too due to the little dweebs and sycophants they have been sending on here in their feeble attempts to try and convince people they are not the enemy. The banks cannot kill each and every person in America, nor can they bribe, coerce, or threaten each and every person in America either, so its up to each and every one of us to do our part as individuals to promote the ideas and concepts of which they live in terror, then organize ourselves and act together as individuals to destroy their power to prevent us from having them so that people like Ron Paul can actually help us bring them about.


          During a visit to Britain in 1763, The Bank of England asked Benjamin Franklin how he would account for the new found prosperity in the colonies. Franklin replied.

          “That is simple. In the colonies we issue our own money. It is called ‘Colonial Script’. We issue it in proper proportion to the demands of trade and industry to make the products pass easily from the producers to the consumers…In this manner, creating for ourselves our own paper money, we control its purchasing power, and we have no interest to pay to no one.”

          In response, the Bank of England influenced the British Parliament to put a stop to this activity. Under the Currency Act of 1764, King George III decreed that the Colonists cease printing their own money. The colonial script in circulation was to be exchanged at a two-to-one ratio with notes drawn from the Bank of England. This caused widespread unemployment and economic depression in the colonies.

          “In one year, the conditions were so reversed that the era of prosperity ended, and a depression set in, to such an extent that the streets of the Colonies were filled with unemployed.” (Benjamin Franklin)


          According to our friend Douglas whom i had a discussion with on this a short while ago, while what i’ve been calling “Franklin Economics” was in effect, the GNP of our 13 tiny little colonies, with their tiny little populations, exceeded the combined Atlantic trade of all of the major European superpowers combined. The reason for this is simplicity in itself, and just as Franklin stated, they could freely create the money to pay for everything that people could do, as opposed to having what they did restricted by the amount of money in circulation to pay for it. Little 5 and 6 year old kids do this naturally out of what simple common sense they already have at that age when they play “store”, so why have grown men and women been too damn stupid to understand this for so long especially when Franklin already figured it out for them over 200 years ago and it worked ?. The power of lies and deception is amazing isn’t it ?, especially when people want to “trust and believe” instead of think, and it’s exactly that trust and faith that gave the lies their power. If were going to take back our country from the miserable bastards and parasites who have taken it from us, then we need to understand how to get it right this time. My one great fear is that if we are not able to inform, organize, and promote the mass economic rebellion we need at this point, that things will progress to an armed revolution, which they will short of success with the former option, and if so, and out of all the resultant confusion, there’s a very strong chance that they still will not get it right, again.

          Whatever happens from this point on is up to all of you, and what happens tomorrow, and whether your children and grandchildren will inherit lives of freedom, happiness and prosperity, or slavery, hopelessness and misery, is 100 % contingent on what each and every one of you do today. Lets put in our efforts and make then count, for their sake as well as our own. !

          Here you go:


          and for those who haven’t already joined this effort, for the love of whatever God you believe in, and for the love of freedom and America, get to work.

  • Dfens

    The trade deficit widened a surprising 18.8 percent in June on a surge of consumer goods from China and other suppliers, suggesting second-quarter economic growth was much weaker than previously thought.

    The monthly trade gap totaled $49.9 billion, the highest since October 2008, the Commerce Department reported on Wednesday, as U.S. exports stumbled a bit.

    The deficit was wider than any of the 67 Wall Street forecasts collected before the report, and is likely to prompt analysts to ratchet down estimates of second-quarter gross domestic product growth.

    “The strength in imports, though hinting at some pickup in consumer spending, continues to undermine GDP growth. Moreover, the slowing in exports will only fan fears of a faltering U.S. recovery,” said Sal Guatieri, senior economist at BMO Capital Markets. — Yahoo Finance News

    Wow, look at how well things have gone since Ron Paul voted for buddies the Communist Chinese to have “most favored nation” trade status with the US. It has lead to 30 years of double digit growth for China and has put his own country into a second Great Depression. So clearly we need to vote for Rand Paul too, since our economy can never go into the toilet fast enough. If we can ever vote for enough Libertarians, we can enjoy the benefits of pure unilateral free trade! Won’t that be great, when everyone’s government is looking our for their best interests except for ours. Yeah buddy, we’ll show them then.

  • fred the protectionist

    Yes Atheists, let’s mock religion and worship the Aqua Buddha.


    and he won !!!!

  • nitewatchman1000

    You have my vote Dr. Paul!!!