Obamacare’s Hidden Monstrosities: A Disaster Waiting to Happen

Washington’s Idea of Fiscal Restraint

by Ron Paul

It has been months now since the new healthcare reform bill was passed into law. As is so typical, this massive piece of legislation was passed with a sense of urgency so acute that leadership declared America could not afford to wait until legislators, their staff and the general public had time to thoroughly read the bill.

The truth comes out eventually, however. Much like the recently discovered exemption from Freedom of Information Act requirements for the SEC that was slipped into the equally massive and “urgent” financial reform bill, we are finally seeing what other insidiousness has been hiding in the fine print of the healthcare reform bill. It seems that all provisions in this poorly written and poorly conceived monstrosity need to be repealed as soon as possible.

One such disaster-waiting-to-happen is one of the revenue generating provisions used to claim that the healthcare reform bill was “paid for”. $17 billion in additional tax revenues is supposed to come from an onerous new IRS reporting requirement that any taxpayer with business income who spends over $600 in one year with one business will have to report those expenditures to the IRS. Mind you, this is a cumulative total of $600 in transactions in one year. This will involve so much extra accounting and paperwork that the IRS claims it will be unable to deal with it effectively, and even the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (to whom it should be a boon) has come out against it! Apparently they realize they will actually lose customers, especially small businesses, to bankruptcy because of this!

Gold dealers are especially alarmed by this provision, as most of their transactions easily top $600. This represents a significant outlay of time and paperwork and no additional revenue for businesses with which to hire people. Not to mention this makes every business a de facto IRS agent, as if they didn’t have enough to worry about already!

Of course, there is a tremendous outcry against this. Several other legislators also see how unreasonable this is and are trying to repeal it. However, this would simply mean that $17 billion in healthcare funding will have to come from somewhere else, and there are no good options. Taxes from some other equally bad collection scheme? Borrowing and more debt? Creating more money from thin air and adding to inflationary pressures?

The best answer, of course, would be to repeal the entire health care law, along with all other unconstitutional spending. But Congress is more likely to continue the shell game to cover the fact that we are broke and can afford none of this.

This whole idea of “paying for” new programs is a political euphemism that suggests that raising taxes is just as good as cutting spending since neither one increases the national debt. Raising taxes and overwhelming small businesses with paperwork and regulations still increases governmental burden on our fragile economy. But this is our government’s idea of “fiscal restraint” in action. Washington needs to stop creating new programs and spending so much money. That would be true fiscal restraint.


  • NO – the Right is a ‘Defend the Constitution’ party. NO one on Right actually Votes for Facism – the RIght Votes for Freedom and Liberty.
    ON the left – those voters DOOOOO vote for socialism.

    That is a big difference – regardless of the actual elected officials do.

  • NO – the Right is a ‘Defend the Constitution’ party. NO one on Right actually Votes for Facism – the RIght Votes for Freedom and Liberty.
    ON the left – those voters DOOOOO vote for socialism.

    That is a big difference – regardless of the actual elected officials do.

  • KDanagger

    Liberal Left = Socialist; NeoCon Right = Fascist.
    Both loot the working class and redistribute wealth they didn’t earn.
    The only difference is who they give the looted money to and what they expect in return.
    There is third choice. Choose it. Demand it.

  • You’re pretty much too far gone in ‘Liberal La-La Land’ to get a good grasp on what’s happened. Obama’s continued Bush’s failed policies. The two parties have exposed their hand too soon at the poker table. They’re both the same on all the major issues while prancing around minor shit to try to keep us distracted.

    Democrats = Traitors. Republicans = Traitors.

    And no. Liberalism isn’t thriving in America. Now you’re just being delusional. Liberty, regardless of party is popular now.

  • – so you’re a hyper-liberal, huh? both sides suffer from down syndrome, bud. if anything, the liberals are just as big of traitors for not following the principles held within the constitution. look at the dipshit running the country, and that cuntbag, pelosi. just remember that america is a republic, as how it was founded.

  • – Nice assumptions, and based on 2 sentences. Typical of your lazy, leeching, self-important liberal ilk. You’ve bought into all the phony “progressive” BS, and have come to believe that liberals actually care about something other than leeching off of the working class. Sorry, but what you want is not America. You want China and your Obama-driven fantasies of Mother Government giving you everything for free and taking no responsibility for your own life. Truth hurts, don’t it?

  • FreeAgain2

    Fathom the odd hypocrisy that Obama wants every citizen to prove they are insured, but people don’t have to prove they are citizens.

  • “Republicans are traitors to America and everything America stands for, and they will be held accountable.”

    Obama? Is that you?

    LOL. Seriously. You’re fucking retarded if you think one side is pure good and the other is pure evil. Not to mention you sound like the kind of person who would become a jack-booted thug at the drop of a hat if the Dems wanted you to. Both parties have failed.

  • – He also has no clue what America stands for. Evidently in his mind, it’s total dependence on the government. Typical neolib nutcase wants to take no responsibility for his own life.

  • jpule

    Thanks A LOT Mr. Woodrow “IDIOT” Wilson. Enslaving America since 1913, even before my birth, has really helped me understand that individualism and FREEDOM are EVIL while serving our SUN GODS in the Central Bank Cartel = euphoria…

    In hopes of starting operations within to DESTROY the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ACT in 2012, I’m VOTING RON PAUL for President! Please be SAFE Mr. Paul and unlike one of my other favorite Presidents, a TANK is better than an convertible at parades. I also hope America doesn’t leave the votes unto FALSE computer voting which we ALL KNOW is CARTEL-RIGGED! I mean, look at our President, lol, not only is he Black but his names’ one letter away from the supposed person who committed 911. What a FACADE! America is THAT much in CHAINS and they (Cartel) care NOTHING of it as long as TAXES are paid daily.

    “And to the REPUBLIC, for which it STANDS…”

    fyi: I’m American Samoan (Polynesian), Love America, NOT racist (I’m as TAN as they come…), pay taxes just to stay out of jail but KNOW I don’t have to according to our Constitution and I’ve stopped feeding off the B.S filled coconuts I was being fed.

  • FACT:
    over 60% of EVERYONE’s income is paying interest to the banks on loans of VIRTUAL MONEY . . . see [http://www.ecotort.gn.apc.org/scandalous.htm] for the proof of this.

    SIMPLY ABOLISH USURY to eliminate the National debt, dramatically REDUCE poverty, and give people time to think for themselves!

  • FACT:
    over 60% of EVERYONE’s income is paying interest to the banks on loans of VIRTUAL MONEY . . . see [http://www.ecotort.gn.apc.org/scandalous.htm] fgor the proof of this.

    SIMPLY ABOLISH USURY to eliminate the National debt, dramatically REDUCE poverty, and give people time to think for themselves!

  • GB
  • Hallelujah, amen.

  • Mrcastleskeep

    Please run in 2012 Ron!

  • Citizen

    Thanks for the web link to your “pictures”! They tell me that you’re a “Progressive” with a strong Socialist agenda that Government is the solution and not the problem.
    The charts indicate that our Government (Bush and Obama) have spent massive dollars we don’t have on the Military Industrial Complex, the WAR effort. I also note that the deficit spending increased sharply starting 9/11 and deepens with our “nation building” efforts on the two Middle Eastern Tar Babies.
    I agree that deficit spending (your chart) is out of control. But those charts SUPPORT the Libertarian position that Offense Spending / Empire Building are both unaffordable and immoral! Libertarian’s don’t support GW Bush’s expansionary offensive invasions nor his entitlement drug programs anymore than we support the Obama-Pelosi-Reed Progressive’s agenda of government employee union expansions and bailouts ($26B last week) and nationalizing industries, Government Motors and Obama Care.
    My source for monitoring Debt, Deficit and Government Insanity:
    And Thank You for your civility

    • Forest

      Not really. Leave it to a Paulian to see a boogeyman in every corner.

      The point is, y’all wail ad nauseum about how government HAS to be smaller and eliminating departments is a solution and how the Fed is the root of all debt. When in actuality Paulians never address the real issue – you have to cut off Grandma’s health care, Grandpa’s Social Security, and lay off our military if you ACTUALLY want to balance the budget.

      But hey, a good conspiracy theory, political demonizing, and racial/semitic dog whistles bring in the cash, right Rand Paul?

      • Greg

        Libertarians who support Paul have no problem ending any of these programs. Nobody has a right to another person’s labor, not even Grandma, and having a large military is pointless. We’re better off if those soldiers were in the private sector, which makes us all wealthier instead of poorer. You’re wrong and I’m calling you out on it.

        You fail.

        • Forest

          Actually, Ron Paul seems more concerned about sound bytes pandering to his goldbugtinfoilhat crowd or the anti-banker crowd than addressing these real issues. RON PAUL FAIL.

          Alrighty then, I’ll keep waiting for Ron Paul to demand Grandma’s Social Security money back, Grandpa’s Medicare be ended, unemployment insurance be repealed, and for Ron Paul’s statement that we need to bring our military home and then lay them off!

          I call NAIVE LIBERTARIAN! Or maybe you are a Selectively Frugal? Not totally sure.


        • Forest

          Hell yes! I totally agree!

          If the government were to just disappear people would be able to act sensibly and we would all be able to get along! If we would just get rid of laws that cause crime we would all be safe – and then those policemen and soldiers could go into the private sector and cease being a drag upon society!


      • Citizen

        YES … That’s right Forest

        We HAVE to cut back on the SSN Ponzi scheme, unfunded Medicare+Medicaid entitlements AND the Military Industrial Complex spending. Yes, yes, yes and yes

        YES the reality is that our Grandparents have paid in 15% of every paycheck for years to fund benefits that our Government will pay back with diluted Progressive dollars. It’s called generational theft!

        But I’m sure your answer is… MORE “PROGRESSIVE” TAXES administered by MORE incompetent and inefficient government apparatchiks. Yes that should “stimulate” the economy and create more IRS collection agent jobs.

        p.s. cut the “lefty loon” cartoon crap…

  • – you have no idea of what a 3rd world country is, and america is far from it. you’re obviously suffering from down syndrome if you blame only republicans. the democrats and republicans are both sides of the same goddamn coin, and both are dogshit parties that have no idea of what they’re doing.

  • NCIcaucus

    What piece of garbage was responsible for putting the FEC exemption in the law? I’d love to launch some things against them!

    • Forest

      NCIcaucus says: “I’d love to launch some things against them!”

      Yes! Do it! Plane + You = Martyrdom!

  • Double shit you double dumb shit!

  • Forest

    3%, not “40%” of the man-hours of ‘Citizen’s’ business are spent filing taxes.

    Citizen leads off with the typical inflammatory comment that, if this miniscule little bill, which Ron Paul apparently is most worried will impact “Gold Dealers” will lead to (Citizens words) “Businesses will spending 60% (up from 40%) of their time doing the Governments Dirty Work, reporting and spying on other businesses.”

    Apparently, as I had continually pointed out, that isn’t even close to being true.

    In actuality, even for the example he provided:

    “3 office workers to manage 65 employees, the other 3 are middle management of these employees.” This is still disproportionate in my experience, but there could be additional filing requirements, so 3% it is…

    Exaggerate much?