Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic (2008)

Two years ago, on September 2, 2008, Ron Paul‘s historic Rally for the Republic took place in Minneapolis. More than 10,000 lovers of liberty gathered in the Target Center in Minneapolis across the river from the RNC convention that same day. The Rally was was not a protest, or a “counter convention” – it was a celebration. And it was not the end of the Ron Paul Revolution – it was the beginning.

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Watch the exciting videos and speeches here!

Ron Paul’s Entrance:

Ron Paul’s full speech & more…

  • Beaner

    For the record I agree with you on the 9-11 stuff !! But Dr Paul is not a Rino. Our country was founded on a a basis of free trade and NOT involving ourselves in other countries issues. YES we were attacked and should have revolted Dr Paul voted YES on the orginal War on the terrorists it was when we went into Iraq that he said “NO” why?? because there wasn’t an official declaration of war
    I tend to agree I do not 100% support his foreign policies but I do support ALL his other policies its easy to predict how he will vote…. he will follow the constitution..personal feelings aside!! He started this whole “tea party ” movement and WOKE US UP!! He does not compromise on his beliefs I respect that and agree with 95% of what he stands for.

  • Ben

    I like the sign ‘Calling the GOP back to its roots’.

    I’m all for sending the RINOs packing. Give me conservatives who aren’t afraid to be bold. I like Colonel Allen West, Marco Rubio, Christine O’Donnell, Sharon Angle, and Pat Toomey.

    Unfortunately, Ron Paul has lied to you about the “roots” of Republican Party. Every time I run into a Ron Paul zombie they like to tell me that they’re reviving the Taft wing of the party. They don’t know the first thing about Taft.

    Look, real Republicans don’t co-sponsor bills with Kucinich and Grayson. Real Republicans believe that we should never surrender to jihadist assholes who attacked us on 9/11. Real Republicans do not vote against Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

    Can anyone tell me how any of these policies return the GOP to its roots? Was there a time long ago, in the 60’s perhaps, when true Republicans tried to change the UCMJ to fully embrace homosexuality but the liberals thwarted them?

    Vote RINOs (like Ron Paul) out!

  • I was there! I was totally and unbelievably there! I was at the book signing prior to the convention and I met so many great and wonderful people. The convention was a blast, and even though I went there all by myself, I still felt like I was exactly where I belonged with other like-minded, liberty-loving people – my fellow Americans!!!