Ron Paul: The Dollar Will Be Rejected

Ron Paul warns about the coming dollar crisis.

Date: 03/11/2011


  • The sooner we collapse the sooner the threat of invasion becomes a reality.

  • pennjersey83

    Ron Paul is full of shit. If you’re so concerned about the budget why do you guys support 80 billion dollars in tax breaks for the rich? I thought we’re broke? Also, why is our debt to GDP ratio lower than it was in 1940? Give it a rest, we’re not broke you just want to get rid of entitlements the rich pay for. You are a shill for rich people Ron Paul and hedgehog looking fake judge.

    • tj

      lol…I am sorry, but I must introduce facts into the discussion…The Congressional Budget Office (CBO), certainly a left leaning government agency, estimated that in 2005 the top 1 per cent of household incomes paid 38.8 per cent of all federal income taxes, and 27.6 per cent of all taxes combined. The CBO also observed that this was the highest share since they started doing calculations in 1979. Yes, even higher than the last year under Clinton. And, this greater share paid by the rich occurred after the Bush tax cuts? How can this be? Oh yes, I have discussed the Laffer Curve before in these blogs…So, to avoid redundncy, please google “top 1 percent share of taxes” and google the Laffer Curve…then get back to me about how you jealous little twit, bitter about his own unsuccessful career, believes his life would only be better if the greedy, selfish rich people paid their share….class envy is for losers…

  • if u think that obama will win another term u r only kidding urself…if he is then why is his own party going with the republicans and not the democrats….ww3 on the horizen!!

  • Ross

    Now let’s get this straight.The Fed creates new money in their computers from nothing.They then loan it to the US Govt at interest,which in turn depreciates the US $ and the spending power of the people.

    So the people are paying money to the private banking system via taxes to have their currency devalued.

    It could not get more insanely perverse, yet Congress just keep on shafting their own constitutents.Quantitative easing is a nice little euphanism.Whose pain is it easing?

  • strong8action

    I love RP and it’s heartening to see that the controlled media is finally being FORCED to respect him. The majority of Americans want RP for President, but the media and establishment do not.

    I’m very worried that the NWO cabal of international bankers will have this man assassinated and make it look like a “deranged” attacker.

  • SF – NYC

    And, sadly, I believe you are right funnyclaw…

    Check this awesome animated and extremely clear explanation regarding the raise of the Feds and the decline of the American People’s Liberties our fore fathers must be very upset at where we ended up today…

    The Feds have already crossed the line several times over… when will enough finally be enough? When will “We The People” start doing something about it instead of caring about who’s playing this weekend, what’s on TV, what to wear, etc.
    And for those who are the most involved in political matters, what’s the use in getting into heated debates and “duel” over who’s right and who’s wrong between this Democrat and that Republican politician, “strategy”, resolution, or whatever measure to “solve” real pressing issues, better the country economy, or what have you… We all know that in politics (at the very least subconsciously) such diatribes are a royal waste of time and are exactly the opium the Feds want people to smoke so that even those who are not completely oblivious to political issues and civic responsibilities, will be led astra, as they will be too busy battling for a “team” or the other and will successfully fail to realize what’s really going on and to identify the real root cause of the 99% of all problems.

    As if that wasn’t already enough damage added to the widespread state of ignorance (as in lack of knowledge and awareness) we have reached in civic matters, the decline of politics and the values that used to be so dear to the founder of this country, seems to have become irreversibly lost. What’s the use of politics with no ethics, or real integrity sound principles, fairness, sincerity, honesty, dignity, honor, truthfulness, morality? (by the way any “sex-related topics” have nothing to do with the kind of “morality” or moral virtues I am talking about here! And for crying out loud it’s time to lay-off the puritanic attitude for good! :D)

    I am still hopeful when I hear Mr. Paul speak his mind as I feel that he most of the time he’s the only one who is representing my voice in politics. And still is left unheard and maybe is for his own good as I too would fear for his safety if Mr. Paul was to become president. The only way to keep alive would be to do what Mr. Obama has done… to do a full 180º (or maybe 179º I’ll give him that much ;P) because the change we can believe in is one that even a man full of good intentions can’t deliver alone… I am even sadder than when W got elected for the 2nd time as now there is an irrefutable proof that no matter who ends up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue nothing will ever “change”.

  • ostric145

    Ron Paul should be president and Judge Napalitano vice president!

  • Bob

    They made sure we were involved in one war after another so we could do nothing about it. Then told us we have to pay that debt to.
    That is one reason we are broke.

  • freesk8

    Yay, Ron Paul and Judge N!

  • bradleyandassociates

    Bush, Clinton, Obama they are all living in outer space. Lets go back to the ideals of 1776.

  • Ricardo Peres

    Hey everybody, check this article out: it was published today here in Brazil:,0.php

    they are rejecting dollar bills from Brazilian tourists…Ron is right. The dollar will be untilmately rejected and this is just the beginning.

    Best to you,

  • Ricardo Peres

    Hey everybody, check this article out: it was published today here in Brazil:,0.php

    they are rejecting dollars bills from Brazilian tourists…Ron is right. The dollar will be untilmately rejected and this is just the beginning.

    Best to you,

  • SatanistSin

    Do you have any sources for this information. I would love to learn more about the subject but sifting through 4.5 million hits on google is quite a time killer.

  • vidmanx0

    Who cares if the US in debt? The US military is 3x the size of all other militaries combined. Is somebody going to argue with them?

  • utek11

    what this idea of cut cut cut does not look at is that we could build our way out of this issue. The main problem is that we have little production in our nation. Let’s look at the way the founding father repaid the states debts after the revolutionary war. They used a hamiltonian national bank to unleash credit to build up the nation. This resulted in greater tax revenues without raising the rate of taxes. Doing this would also end the fed and allow the income tax to be a thing of the past

  • chippprrr

    this man is sharp!

  • harj2009

    no wants to see grandma starve ? thats exactly what the republicans want

    entitlement spending is in surplus till 2023

    the main spending in Military it costs america 2 billion dollars to build 1 bomber 3 billion to build one ship, its a crazy corrupt system. the only solution is to not privatise the military

  • notpcone


  • notpcone

    Debt Ceiling???? ha ha hah a…………that’s funny. There will NEVER be a Debt Ceiling………spend,spend,spend.

  • Cleancutchaos

    It’s time to get into gold in a serious way. I’m glad I found myself a system that provides 999.9 fine 24 carat gold in grams and half grams. I’ve heard that you need 999.9 if gold turns into a world reserve currency, but I haven’t done any research on it. Still its nice that you can get gold embedded in cards in such small amounts for easy trading in day to day use.