Ron Paul: It’s Time to Get out of Afghanistan!

Date: 03/17/2011

  • gaBehcuoDsuoitneterP

    I want this founding father caliber-of-a man as my president!

  • vidmanx0

    What Ron Paul is saying here is so freaking obvious that I’m stunned that it even needs to be said.


  • landlogger

    Good god.. now they are in Libya. Some didn’t want US there because afraid of another Iraq. US military won’t stop. It’s to much fun to kill. Really!

  • jmkpns

    Amen! We need to immediately withdraw from Afghanistan because we cannot afford it plus these wars are destroying families. No phony democrat time tables! We need an Immediate withdrawal.

  • catobear1704

    dude. this guy is fired-up. awesome.

  • 62636263c

    And now I am hearing that they want to start bombing Libya.

  • avionicswirenut

    It’s time to get out?????It was never time to get in…..

  • dskillz1

    This guy is fearless and has become one of my heroes. Truly great.


    Thanks for speaking Ronnie but too bad you are not taken seriously and have no real power in Congress since you stand alone and have done nothing to build a coalition. You are a weak representative and considered somewhat eccentric and a bit financially illiterate. You warned of a “imminent dollar collapse” in 2008. It’s 3 years later and nothing has collapsed. You were wrong.

  • DieForTheRich

    i agree with him

  • scalp340

    The great Doctor speaks!!!! although it will fall on def ears. Big gov’t is still to powerful. they dont care. ‘the good of the people or community’ will still be propped up, even though us libertarians know its a myth.

  • republicunderground

    best speech ever! RUN RON RUN!

  • DirtyCodingHabitz

    wow he gave it to them good.

  • x00czar00x

    Give him 30 more seconds!!!

  • techepix

    i am a republican but i think ron paul should join the democratic party. he really doesn’t stand for republican ideals. he is antiwar, antipatriotic, and really pushy. hate his personality. huckabee or romney should be president

  • sirbata

    Not only pull out of Afganistan and Iraq, but from all the military bases all over the earth. JUST THAT would be enough for us in US not only to get back on our feet but progress great deal in the next decade.

  • captkirkconnell

    Bring all the forces home. What is so hard about listening to Ron Paul? Wake up and Listen.
    Ron = Honest = not manipulation nor lookibng over his shoulder = can focus on the issues. The rest of you government clowns need to wake up and listen to Ron Paul. Ron only has abot 3 messages, he has been delivering those messages for 30 years. WAKE UP and listen.

  • gonadcancervictim

    What a hero.

  • fazadeset

    think that statemant thru cuz ron wants to audit the fed that means fall of the dollar translated it means america would become a third world country over night
    in a way for america its good that they are the super power
    morally its fucked i know but no more credits no more BMW’s
    mofos think about it

  • fazadeset