Ron Paul vs Ben Bernanke: Is Gold Money?

  • Svenskivsk

    Money is used to represent value so Bernanke is right: a treasury bill sure isn’t money!

  • fawkUtube

    Everyones assholes tighten up when he speaks

  • beatles61

    “It’s tradition”

    that is the best thing I have ever heard someone say, and perfectly parallels the American culture.

    But he is right, gold isn’t money, it can’t be valued like currency can be valued. You can’t exchange and few ounces of gold for a new car.

  • romanmir01

    Constitution and Coinage act say that only gold and silver are money.

    WHO is Bernanke? He is a troll and a thief.

    Why is he a thief? Because he is printing federal reserve NOTES and uses those to buy ASSETS.

    What does that mean? When he prints a NOTE, it’s an IOU. WHAT does he owe you? What is the meaning of Fed’s balance sheet?

    IOU that gives you nothing is an empty promise. Buying assets with empty promises is theft.

    Federal reserve are a bunch of counterfeiters and thieves.


  • bossrube53

    If you are angry at the media, for ignoreing Ron Paul and the American people let them know!

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  • bossrube53

    1 – Google Ron Paul in 60 minutes petition

    2 – Petition - CBS News 60 minutes – Get Ron Paul go to

    3 - sign the petition

  • unnaturaltragedy

    Ron Paul gives me genuine hope.

  • ewh83

    im sorry i get mad this pig is keeping his job at the expense of millions of people

  • gotcalves

    is ron paul going to shut down the IRS?

  • rkscuba210

    why am i not surprised that ben bernanke is a JEW!

  • samuelwhitley89

    ben bernake prolly has nightmares of ron paul all i see here is mulitiple videos of him getting pwnd

  • MrShane737

    if it was up to me i would have had bernanke shoved in elephant shit, ripped out his teeth, break his fingers, branded his ass, have a viscous squirrel bite his toe, castrate him, wax his beard off, get ten 7’0 brazilian inmates to rape him, rip out his eyes, staple his mouth shut, shove a pineapple up his butt, call up stone cold steve austin to give him exactly 3 stunners, put his head in a vice.. THEN.. FINALLY.. blast his head off with a 50. caliber sniper rifle.. thats how much i hate him.

  • MFjimmy15

    What countries still use the Gold Standard? If the U.S. doesn’t, then what countries do? I’m curious.

  • Habeev07

    FELLOW PATRIOTS there are only 5 remaining countries WITHOUT Rothschild family owned central banks. Libya, Iran, Sudan, Cuba, and N. Korea. It was 6, but Iraq is off that list since 9/11. Now Obama is trying to undermind congress’ and allow NATO US troops to bomb libya. Also know as Africas richest country. GO RON PAUL

  • Jakajk32

    Is Gold money? …eh……………………….No… rofl Bernake is such a profond retard. The king of the frauders hiding the real frauders.

  • rossdan26

    God, Bernanke must hate Ron, lol…

  • greg55666

    One word destroys the stupid gold standard argument:


  • uturniaphobic

    at last… the lone wolf confronts the LOAN wolf. back his play you jelly belly congress fat cats

  • vicken banjarjian

    ben bernanke should die. … RON PAUL PRESIDENT 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • When people “run away from the dollar” that means more will be available per item and that causes inflation.

    I wonder if there is enough Gold available to cover the number of FRN’s issued?