Jordan Page – “The Light of R3VOLUTION”

Ron Paul: “A significant part of a revolution is music. If you don’t have the music the spirit isn’t there. And when the music is original it is even more fantastic. I want to thank Jordan for that wonderful song he sang.”

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  • rolgorevene

    how many songs has romney inspired?

  • bushpigification

    Shivers run down my back. Good work, bro.

  • Lukeidea

    I would be absolutely convinced the poll was rigged if it wasnt BACHMANS HOME STATE.

  • Evongelo

    Ron Paul 2012!!!!

    Jump over to RonPaul2012com today and hit the volunteer button. Let’s get together and help the savior of America get all the way!


  • ICantDecryptTheCode

    how cute, a brainwashed cult member playing guitar.

  • Ikarr0s

    The one dislike is from John McCain!

  • PaulRon2008

    We love RON PAUL! Great work Jordan. God Bless.

  • dvssk8er3

    Paul your first act as president should be giving Marc Emery a pardon

  • mvas723

    GOOD change has to start somewhere 😀 Obama was feels like 1 step forward but 10 steps back. Sure we got a black president but what else? trillions more in debt. I think Dr. Paul can turn this country around. It took japan a decade to fix their economy. Might take a while but it’s definitely gonna happen for us if we elect him. 🙂

  • TommyTurntables1

    Dont expect much change even if Ron Paul becomes President,

    i mean fuck the FED RES is still up and running just fine 🙁

    i call it like i see it

  • alexpetrunak

    Brings tears to my eyes. Ron Paul could be the president. He should be the president. But I don’t think the masses have woken up up to what is going to happen if they elect another eledonkey pawn. He’s the only hope we have for prosperity and peace.

  • kmg501

    Woohoo! Thank you Jordan. Very inspiring song. 🙂

  • PressForFreedom

    Jordan, you’ve done it again!

  • HonestJohn60

    It makes me SICK of the smear campaign that is going on! – People will believe everything they read on the Internet! – Some of the claims against Ron makes me laugh, but worries me also that these people can be so easily steered! – Maybe the staff can make like a Snoops page that clears up this crap? Like the Illuminati rumor? – Ron Paul Now!

  • LibertarianChristian

    Yeah I’m from Australia, so can do little, but I’m even spreading the message of Ron Paul and liberty here, guess what? It’s working! Just get up and do it America! He can win!

  • perica1357

    I’m not from USA, but please America dont fuck this up, vote for Ron Paul

    Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • learashka


  • brain96969



  • thetimman00

    It’s in the official key of Texas. Dr. Paul is still the only candidate who doesn’t lie to us.

  • wdcsucks1

    great song!!!