Ron Paul Speaks to Supporters at Ames Straw Poll

Transcript (First Speech)

Doug Wead: …constitutional statesmen. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, I believe, the next President of the United States of America, Dr. Paul, and his wife Carol.

Ron Paul: Thank you, thank you very much. My wife, Carol, is with me today. But it’s for a very special reason, we also have a lot of the family here. They got a bus and about 30 of them came up, so you’ll be seeing them around today, and that is a delight for me and for Carol. But I have Carol here today especially because I want to make a very strong point: this year is different than 4 years ago. Believe me, there is so much more enthusiasm, so many more people, and there’s a big difference. But the other point I wanted to make is, 4 years ago, we had a similar rally and we came here for the straw vote, but Carol got sick down in Des Moines and had to go to hospital and she was in intensive care. And as I came up here, I came by myself. And we did get through it, and she did fine, she had a little surgery the next day and she’s been doing very well since then. So I am very pleased that she is here, and for me it’s part of this whole thing; how different the world is, the country is, and how our campaign has grown, and the emphasis throughout the country on the issues that we think are so important. So I’m delighted to see the turnout here, this is fantastic. And I don’t think you need reminding again, don’t forget to vote. Because, you know, there are the expectations. The media presses me all the time: what do I expect, what place am I coming in? And I don’t know, I don’t know if anybody knows exactly how it’s going to work out. But obviously we’re doing so much better and there are a lot of reasons for that.

I think that it’s interesting that now they’re starting to talk about us being mainstream. And they imply sometimes in fun that have I gone mainstream, am I starting to talk to the mainstream? No, but I think the mainstream have come in our direction. So there’s every reason to be optimistic. And when they press me about where and what place we’re going to come in, I do not give a direct answer because, obviously, I don’t know. But I do believe we’ll certainly do better than we did 4 years ago, we’re going to do better. And I know we’re going to do well, but the question is, are we going to do very well. And, of course, I’m hoping for that, I think we can, but only time will tell. In a few hours we’re going to know that, and that will give momentum. It’s not going to give momentum to me personally, as much as it’s going to give momentum to the philosophy of liberty and a different type of politics, different than we have had in a long, long time. Sadly, it’s a rather radical change to restore the constitution and restore liberty; but that is our goal.

The issues have come our way. When you think about what was happening in 2007 and 2008, there was a bit of division cast upon us for mentioning the fact that the economy was actually weak, that there was a pending recession/depression coming, and obviously we even talked about foreign policy back then. But nobody wanted to hear it, and there are still a lot who don’t want to hear it; but I’ll tell you what, there are a lot of Americans now – and I believe the vast majority of American people now are with us on ending the wars and actually changing the Federal Reserve System. So there’s every reason in the world for us to be encouraged, and that is why I get my energy from all of you getting together. I know I get a lot of compliments for energizing you, but believe me, the energy comes from more people coming together. I have always worked on the assumption that it isn’t the politicians that change things, it’s the attitude and the understanding and the philosophy of the people. And you represent a precise philosophy of the people and you are the leaders, and that is why America is looking towards us to find the answer for the terrible mess that we’re in today.

You know, much of the time, people say, “Well, our main problem is the economy and jobs”. I don’t disagree with that at all, it is. But you can’t separate that from some other issues. If you’re concerned about the economy, most people now know that the debt is bad and the deficits are bad and they have no answers. But how many times have you heard in Washington today, whether it’s either side of the aisle on either side of the debate, insisting that we change our foreign policy and quit spending these trillions of dollars overseas; that’s where we need to start. And we need an economic system; you cannot have a strong economy without a strong currency, and that is what we need. And to have a strong currency, it has to be different than just paper money. And, therefore, we are obligated, and the market will obligate us, to look at the monetary system, and that is where we have made great strides. I never dreamed myself 3 or 4 or 5 years ago that it would be on the lips of so many people, discussions in Washington, literally getting passed the House of Representatives last year, an Audit the Fed Bill. We’re making great progress on this issue.

But to get our economy going again, we need to deal with the major subject, which is returning liberty to the people and having confidence that freedom works and the people know how to spend their money. But, to get the capital back into this country – we’ve exported capital due to our monetary system and other things – but to get the capital back in, you have to have a strong currency, you can’t have a paper currency and be the reserve currency of the world, you export all the jobs. But to bring it back you have to invite the capital back with a strong currency, but also a sensible tax code. You can’t tax capital, you can’t say that, “If you repatriate your money and bring your money back home, we’ll take 35% from it”. So that has to end, we have to change the tax code such that the penalties are minimal. Ideally, of course, our ideal that we would like to see some day, is getting rid of the income tax entirely.

A lot of people worry about that, and they say, “Yea, that sounds good, I wish that could happen, but how does the country run without an income tax?” And I say, “Well, why don’t you just look back before 1913, the country was run pretty well and they didn’t have all these deficits. So no, it isn’t so much the tax policy as the spending policy. And that reflects the attitude of the people. If the people continue to want us to pursue these wars overseas and try to prop up the entitlement system and never challenge the entitlement system, there’s no way we can meet our obligations and we’ll end up with runaway inflation. What we’re proposing here is the fact that we could, if we were determined to work our way out of it, cut the spending overseas, cut the taxes, get people back to work again, change the tax code, decrease the regulations, don’t increase the regulations, and also emphasis the principles of liberty and the marketplace; protect private property, don’t let the government always control our private property; emphasis the issue of private contracts. These are the things that make us great and prosperous, those are the principles that built America, those are the principles we need to restore.

But today will be a special day because that is what the vote is all about. There are a lot of questions I’ve been asked about other individuals entering the race, and they will change things to some degree. But I do not anticipate very many of you saying, “Well, I’m going to support Ron today, but I’m going to wait and see who else comes in because I might switch my vote”. I’m not worried about that. But others will come into the race, they’re looking around, they’re looking around for the super establishment candidate that can challenge us, and they will come one at a time and finding that individual that will maintain the militarism and the spending and all the problems and not challenge the Federal Reserve. But it won’t dilute our vote, matter of fact, it will be a stimulus because more will join us because they know that the status quo has gotten us to this problem, these conditions. The status quo politicians cannot answer the questions, we have to have something new and different and reflect on our traditions, reflect on our constitution and reflect and believe in liberty.

I will be around the rest of the day, I will be back to address you later on, but I do have another TV appearance and I have another speech to give, but I do want to conclude by not only saying once again saying that I’m delighted Carol is with me, but I’m also delighted that all of you are with me and we will look forward to a fun-filled day. And of course, if we get our vote out, maybe we will just have a super fun-filled day. I thank you very much.

Doug Wead: Ron was right, Ron was right.

Transcript (Second Speech)

Ron Paul: Thank you very much. Sounds like a little bit of excitement today. You know I’ve said many times that there is a revolution going on in this country, and you’re in the forefront of it. I’m delighted to have you here because nobody can stop this revolution. Our time has come.

I have in the past described what I think is important in a true revolution. A couple characteristics, one thing I believe that the young people will respond if we have a true revolution going on and they’re involved and a lot are right behind us here.

Also another significant part of a revolution is music. If you don’t have the music, the spirit isn’t there, and when the music is original, it is even more fantastic, I want to thank Gordon for that wonderful song he sang, I deeply appreciate that.

You know, it is wonderful, we don’t know what the results are going to be. Most people are felling pretty good about it, but we’ll see in a few more hours, and it is important if there are a few more votes out there, we certainly do need them.

But this country has shifted, I have witnessed there are problems, but when I started in the 1970s I sensed that the country was really embarking on the wrong track and ever since the early 1970s I thought, “Well we are going to end up with a financial crisis and over extended that nobody will ever have any idea how we got there,” but I tell you what, by plodding along and inviting so many in to the understanding of our constitution or our traditions and how important liberty is, our movement is growing. Believe me, this country has shifted in the last four years.

Some in the media actually in a kidding way said “Have you shifted to the mainstream?” And I said “No way, the mainstream has shifted toward us” and we are… You know there’s a couple issues that does this thing which our campaign and I know you know all those but I’ll recite them once again.

And those are certain issues but the other candidates, whether in this party or the other party do not talk about, and that is a renewal in a pro-American strong national defense, foreign policy that makes sense!

I’ve studied the issue of war over many years, I was a draftee in the 1960s, I was in the military for 5 years, but this issue of war has always been a political winner, believe it or not. The individual who knows how to propel and promote the cause of liberty and limited government and peace, they generally are the winners in a campaign. And let me give you a demonstration. I remember well the first election I was involved in, that was in 1952 and that was Eisenhower. He was elected because he was sick and tired of that needless undeclared UN war, the Korean war and he was elected to end that war.

So this whole idea that you have to be a liberal progressive Democrat to be opposed to war is wrong. We’re proving the case that you can be a conservative libertarian constitutionalist and be strongly anti illegal unconstitutional wars.

In 1968 Richard Nixon was elected. He was supposed to stop the Vietnam war and didn’t do a very good job, but that was his job, he was supposed to, it took a few more years and tragically we still lost lives. But even as recent as the year 2000, our candidate that time was disgusted with the foreign policy of the previous administration before he was elected, and what did he say? “We need a humble foreign policy, we need a non interventions foreign policy, we need to quit the nation building,” and the people voted for him, they elected him. But we got more nation building than ever before and more war and more tragedy.

And lo and behold we just had an election a couple of years ago and the opposite party, their candidate became a symbolic peace candidate. So he runs and says “We’re going to end these wars, we’re going to start bringing these troops home,” so he gets elected. And the strangest thing happened. Immediately after he was elected, believe it or not, he won the Nobel Peace Prize.

And what followed? The expansion of the wars, going into Libya and all these other places, now it’s very hard to even count how many countries we’re attacking with our bombs and our drone missiles and our CIA. It’s way overblown, it’s coming to an end, good commonsense should bring it to an end, but it will come to an end because we’re flat out broke, and that seems to me to be the most appropriate place to cut the spending immediately and bring our troops home.

I am firmly convinced that the philosophy of liberty, if you apply it, understand our traditions and understand our Constitution, it is the only way to achieve peace and prosperity, which should be our goal.

And there is another subject dear to all our hearts because we understand it, we understand that counterfeiting is illegal and immoral. It’s illegal and immoral for you to do it, and you should be convicted of fraud and it’s a serious crime. Matter of fact, in the Coinage Act of 1792, they said counterfeiting which is a national crime, the punishment for counterfeiting was death, that’s how serious they considered inflation.

Who are the inflators now, what would ever happen if we applied the law to the inflators, the ones who are counterfeiting our money? It is very, very destructive, and that is a reason, the solution is to end the Fed.

Crowd: End the Fed, end the Fed, end the Fed!

Ron Paul: You know it might take us a year or two to end the Fed but one thing that we could do immediately, we almost got it last year, we passed in the House of Representatives, and that was, if we can’t end the Fed, let’s expose the Fed, let’s audit the Fed and know what they’re doing to us.

We ended up getting a partial audit of the Federal Reserve, and I guess nobody should be surprised in this crowd, but we found out that the Fed actually dealing in about $15 trillion and bailing out all their buddies, whether it was Wall Street, but it turned out one third of that was going to foreign banks, I mean this is an outrage… whether you are a conservative or a cibertarian or a constitutionalist, a Democrat, a progressive or whatever, I think 90% of Americans say, “It’s time we know what they’re doing, they have no right to do this in secret.”

But the events will change things, events sometimes drive the political activity. The wars will end, we will bring our troops home, I wished we would do it by just wise choices and if elected, that will be number one on the list, is to bring the troops home.

But eventually the troops will come home, hopefully not with a tragic financial crisis, but that’s what we’re working for. We’re printing money, spending money and deficits are exploding and no real resolutions in Washington. But most empires end for financial reasons, they destroy the currencies with the financial crisis. You think we’d have a memory of what just happened in 1989, the Soviets went into this country called Afghanistan, over extended themselves and they went bankrupt and their whole empire fell apart.

So it will happen, same way with the monetary issue, if we can’t get the Federal Reserve out of the way, they’re going to self-destruct because they’re working on a non-viable economic system. Paper money is never long-lasting, it’s lasted way longer than a lot of people expected, the worldwide paper currency which is the dollar reserve standard, has been around for 40 years and it’s on its last leg, so we better be prepared to have monetary reform and it’s not complicated. All we have to do is enforce the Constitution, no admitting of bills of credit, which is paper money, and only legal tender should be gold and silver.

By limiting the production of money and the counterfeiting of money, it limits the size of government. If there’s unlimited printing of money, there’s unlimited government and that is what’s happened in the last 40 years: spending, deficits, intervention overseas, intervention here at home, endless entitlements. But it’s all coming to an end. This is what the financial crisis is telling us, this is what the financial markets are telling us, it is ending.

But right now, we’re moving into the second phase of this economic crisis. We know about the financial crisis, we did everything wrong, we bailed out all the guys that were making a lot of money off it, and dumped all the bad debt on the American taxpayer, we are destroying the middle class and making it so that they don’t even have their houses anymore.

So now is the time that we have to offer an alternative. The only problem is that many who have been in charge and many around the world know exactly what we know, and they are making their plans too. They would like to establish a new paper standard under the United Nations. We can’t allow that to happen.

Economic prosperity is intertwined with our foreign policy and our monetary policy. A lot of people ask, “What will you do in the first day to get jobs back in this country?” Well, the first day, you have to announce the new policy and people would have to understand that that individual is very serious. It would change the tone of the country, it would shift and all of a sudden I believe that things would start to improve.

But we do have to change the foreign policy, the monetary policy, economic policy, we cannot believe in central economic planning through the Federal Reserve, nor some bureaucrats and some politicians who think they know how you’re supposed to save your money. It doesn’t work, but it’s coming to an end. This is dangerous, it’s serious, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity, it’s pointing out the failure – the failure of the Soviet system was clear evidence that it didn’t work and a lot of people have recognized this. What we’re witnessing is the failure of the Keynesian model for economics of excess spending and printing press money and economic central planning. And when you get rid of that system, when we get rid of that system, what is left? Economic freedom, personal liberty, sound money, property rights, contract rights, and peace because you have to stop spending the money overseas.

This is a program that is clear and very certain that it can help and it’s not totally strange and new. It seems strange to us because we have drifted so far, but it happens to be the philosophy of America, what made America great. If you followed the Constitution, that’s what you would have, so we see this as a great opportunity, what we’re hoping for, and I make no predictions, but I certainly hope we do well tonight. Matter of fact, I hope we do very well tonight.

That will send a powerful message, not for me personally but for you and for what we stand for and what all Americans are coming our way for, it’s a statement of support and endorsement for the concept of liberty. You’re understanding how freedom works, why have we become so frightened of freedom, they say if you don’t have all this government, people will fall through the cracks. But what is happening now? More people than ever have been falling through the cracks.

This is our opportunity to show how a free society and freedoms and sound money works.

We’re on the vanguard. We are leading the charge. The country is coming this way and let’s hope and pray that this movement continues high, I’m very happy with this, it’s way beyond my wildest dreams. I could tell you what I thought would happen five or 10 years ago, but we are marching on. Thank you very much.


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