Ron Paul: Inflation May Get Out Of Control


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Alex Jones: Well, he’s the hardest working statesman we’ve got up there at the federal government level. And, of course, Congressman Ron Paul is one of the few statesmen we’ve got and we’ve only got him for 15 minutes, so let’s get right into it. Congressman, what do you make of the super-Congress and the fact that Congress was not able to even be involved in the Libya operation?

Ron Paul: Well, of course, to me it’s an outrage, first the super-Congress is some newfangled invention by the people who couldn’t solve the problems up there and weren’t willing to cut anything, so they’re just going to pick 12 people who are just supposed to pick out the things to really cut. So I have no confidence that they will achieve anything, and even if they did, it would be risky because why should we turn the whole Congress over to 12 individuals to make these decisions. So, I don’t anticipate that they’re going to come up with a solution, and if they did, they’d probably be raising taxes and they probably won’t cut any money away from some of this militarism going on. They haven’t even been brave enough to cut the money from Libya. So I don’t expect a whole lot to happen from that super-Congress.

Alex Jones: Congressman, is there any recourse for Obama telling Congress, “I don’t need your authority to go to war in Libya, I have the U.N. giving me the authority”, and I quote, “Do this for their credibility”. Are we going to just sit here collectively (I know you’ve been fighting it) and just allow the power of the purse and the power of war to more and more move the executive?

Ron Paul: I’m afraid that people aren’t going to demand it and the Congress won’t respond. There are a few of us who filed suit and we try to fight it and voted against the funding, but we never get the majority. But it’s not like it’s brand new. I know this is an outrage but it’s pretty much what’s being going on since Truman. Truman actually did that on Korea and, of course, we still are spending money on Korea. So times would come when the president would come and get token approval, they never get a declaration of war, it’s just a token approval to do what he wants: “If I want to fight a war, I can” and Congress is expected to finance it. We’ve given up a lot in the last 100 years and I think the responsibility of the Congress to be this final decision maker on going to war; that’s been long got lost. But that’s one of the things we’ve all being fighting for, is try to restore that principle to our country.

Alex Jones: Recently, shifting to the monetary issues, you had Bernanke on the hot seat and you asked, “Is gold money?” and he said, “No, it’s not”. Their counterfeit Federal Reserve notes are. Now we’ve seen, two weeks ago on “Meet the Press”, the former head of the Federal Reserve, Greenspan, (I’m sure you saw it) say, “Hey, we’re not going to default, we’ll just print money”. But isn’t that a form of default, that’s that inflation-tax you’ve been talking about and another way of cheating people that have bought the treasuries. It’s looking more and more like Hitler in his bunker to watch the Federal Reserve giggling about what they’re doing.

Ron Paul: Yes. Once a country gets this indebted, they never pay their bills, they can’t work their way out. Theoretically we could, if we did all the things necessary, but in reality countries don’t. And especially if you end up borrowing over 40% of the money you need to operate, it’s a point almost of no return. So they have to liquidate the debt. First, they won’t admit we’re in bankruptcy because they’ve been able to pawn it off to the American tax payer by raising taxes and inflating the currency and borrowing around the world. But we literally are bankrupt, so the debt has to be liquidated. And it is true, we won’t default on the debt in the sense that they won’t pay off the holders of bonds, they’ll always be paid off. Just like the holders of the obligations for Social Security will always send the check. But what they don’t have control on is the value of that money they send. Matter of fact, it is a deliberate policy of the Fed, and Bernanke has essentially admitted that the only way we can get out of it is inflation. Some of the liberal economists are saying, “What this economy really needs is an inflation rate of about 6%”. So they’re actually encouraging the inflation in order for the real debt to go down. Obviously, if your dollar loses 50% in purchasing power, your real debt goes down 50%. So if there’s 50% inflation which they’re liable to get, the real debt goes from 14 trillion dollars down to 7 trillion dollars. But the real problem is everybody doesn’t suffer equally; some people suffer more, some people actually benefit, and the middle class generally gets wiped out. And if they want to aim for 5%, 10% or 15% or 30% inflation, they don’t have control of it, it may turn into a 100% inflation and it will get out of control, and that’s what I think is our greatest danger right now.

Alex Jones: Congressman, it’s been said by a lot of pundits that you’re a prophet. I think Al Sharpton even said that and they can’t deny that basically everything you’ve talked about has now come true, and they say, “Ron Paul’s on a mission, he’s certainly educating people”. So at least they’re admitting that you are in a war of ideas and that you’re trying to change the course of history. And I would say you’re successfully doing that, win, lose or draw. But getting into the campaign, even Neil Cavuto a few days ago, I saw it on YouTube last night, not sure when, he kept saying, “Too bad you can’t win, I sure love you, too bad you can’t win”. So it’s kind of a back slap in a smiley way. I’m not attacking Cuvoto, but the issue is, in every poll I’ve seen, you’re the no.1, no.2 or no.3 for the last 6 months. You win the New Hampshire straw poll, you get a technical tie even with her buying the votes in Iowa, and they put out this hoax that you can’t win. But then meanwhile, and this is what I want you to speak to, you’ve got Romney who’s the Obama-care author (it was his model). It’s now come out that not only was Perry the campaign manager in Texas for Al Gore, but now we learnt that in 1993 he gave speeches and wrote letters endorsing Hillary-care, worse than Obama-care, and forced Gardasil shots, sir. So I know you are a gentlemen, but it all hinges, in my politically opinion – you can correct me if I’m wrong, you are a much greater gravitas than I – on you going after these people because they are basically like Obama but they look more like Ronald Reagan. What do you say about these two establishment hacks that the system is exalting as our new leader.

Ron Paul: Generally over the years I’ve allowed their policies to speak for themselves, and they’re policies are now failing wholesale, that’s why our voice is growing in strength and credibility because everything they say and do and advocate is a total failure; whether it’s the wars they fight or the printing of the money or running up these debts and all these proposals for the bureaucracy. Just think of the growth of the government over these last 50 years, it’s been horrendous. So I think that is such glaring evidence that … I don’t relish the thought of really just accusing them of all sorts of things because they’re all to blame and it’s bigger than one person.

Alex Jones: I understand, but those are the guys that they’re selling your voters, mainland Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives. I mean, Rick Perry has gone from doubling the size of the Texas government in 10 years to saying basically that, “I’m the real Ron Paul, I’m Rick Perry, and the Federal Reserve is almost treasonous”. He’s trying to become you, so what do you say to that?

Ron Paul: Well, I think the people have to realize and look at his record. And when they look at his record they know that he’s a flip-flopper. I mean, how can what he says be much different from what Romney has done with his medical care system up in Massachusetts. And you’re right, Perry has endorsed Hillary’s programs. I guess one reason why it seems so obvious to me is why does anybody even have to lecture people, why don’t they just wake up and look at history and investigate a little bit. But I think more and more is coming out. I think Perry is going to be a very, very formidable politician and he may well walk off with it. But it’s a sad state of affairs if the people don’t wake up and look at their records. How can they be so happy about … like you say, he was the chairman for Al Gore in Texas in 1988, I guess.

Alex Jones: 1988. Handing roads over to Cintra of Spain, Bilderberg Group meetings, forced inoculations. I mean, the fact is he’s doing all this stuff now, not just in 1993 praising Hillary. What person in their right mind would support Hillary-care? I mean, I was 18 or 17 years old when they were trying to ram it through, and I knew it was bad when I was 17. So right there it shows he’s’ got major judgment problems.

Ron Paul: People in Washington that I’ve known for years and those who generally run for presidency, the only thing that motivates them is power, and it’s not sound ideas, it’s not freedom and they’re locked in on this power struggle. Both parties are this way. The parties pretend they’re different and they have different rhetoric, but regardless of which party is in control, they end up doing the same things. So it’s only the power and the ability to provide special benefits to those special interests that put them into power.

Alex Jones: Yes, sir.

Ron Paul: The reason why things are so different today is because we’re bankrupt and that’s why this is all going to come to an end. So the big question is who’s going to pick up the pieces now and who’s going to lead the charge away from the drift where we have gone to in the last really 100 years; whether its’ foreign policy or monetary policy or IRS and the Fed and all these things have gone on for a long time. But I think it’s coming to an end and that’s why what we’re doing now, all of us, is so important. And I think their failures are going to speak for themselves, their failures are shouting out very loud about how poorly their ideas are working.

Alex Jones: We’ve only got about 4 minutes left with you, sir, so I want to move quickly here. Obviously, when you say he may well walk away with it, you are within striking distance. If we can just expose the hoax of this Rick Perry and then the other minion, Mitt Romney, you are going to have it, sir. And its perfect timing, you’re the man of the hour, God is literally given you to us; that you’ve been right all these years, never compromised. Right as America’s collapsing here you are with the constitutional tried-and-true commonsense solutions. But if you do lose, you still win by educating people. But you say that you’re going to go home after this when your term is up if you don’t win the presidency. If you don’t win the presidency and leave, sir, are you still going to write and speak?

Ron Paul: Oh, I wouldn’t know what to do if I didn’t do that. I’ve always thought that I’ve always done the same thing whether I’m in office or out of office or whatever. And the goals have always been the same, the elected position has generally been secondary. But the one thing is, when we’re in the business of trying to change the course of a country, you can do a much better job if you’re in office. And obviously, even as President I can do a much better job than if I’m just looking for a format and wondering where I’ll go next. So no, it’s more or less out of my hands, I just do what I have to do and we’ll see how things come out.

Alex Jones: So we’ll still be able to pop in from time to time even if you do retire?

Ron Paul: I’m going to be around.

Alex Jones: You are awesome, sir. A final question, sire, because this is why I know you’re so real; not just because you don’t compromise, not just because of your perfect constitutional voting record. I hope everybody gets behind your Campaign for Liberty as well, all the other great candidates, donate at, knock on doors, get involved in your party precincts, become a delegate. Ron Paul can win and will win if we get behind him. He’s put his hat in the ring and is pouring his heart and soul out, it’s time for us to get behind Ron Paul, or wish later by gnashing our teeth that we would have. But, sir, in closing, last year at a Campaign for Liberty event, you talked about a coup in America. You said, “The CIA has been caught shipping drugs in, we’ve had a coup in America”. I want you to specifically say, because I get a lot a questions about that to this day, what you exactly meant by that.

Ron Paul: Well, I imagine if you pin me down in the literal sense of what a coup generally is, it’s probably not quite that. But for the CIA to really be running the show, I was referring to the CIA at the time because it’s so secretive, it somewhat like the secrets of the Federal Reserve in finances, it’s so hard to find out what’s going on. But the CIA is involved in murder, they’re involved in military activity, they take targets from Langley in Virginia, they can shoot missiles to any spot in the world generally killing a lot of people they shouldn’t be killing and missing the ones they’re trying to target, and it’s totally secret. So, therefore, this is even out of realm of what Obama does when he says, “Well, I’m going in and I’m going to be with NATO and I’m going to start bombing Libya”. I think this is very serious, and now we have the DOD person, Petraeus, going over to the CIA, and then the CIA head going over to the military. It’s such a mixed deal that we don’t know exactly what’s happening, but I know the CIA has been involved in so many elections around the world, they pick and chose dictators. And I don’t think there’s any doubt they’re very much involved in these revolutions going on in the Mediterranean. We’re just trying to pick dictators. So I just don’t like all this secrecy and government out of the control of the people who are responsible.

Alex Jones: Well, Congressman, we’ve got to let you go, I want to ask you one last question, and speaking of FEMA, you’ve been criticized for saying we don’t need FEMA but all they did was confiscated guns at Katrina, that’s really not the federal government’s job, I guess. But you were asked by a reporter Robert Wanek a few weeks ago in Iowa about the HR645 National Emergency Center Establishment Act, and you said, “Yea, that’s their goal, they’re setting up the stage for violence in this country, no doubt about it”, responded Paul. Sir, in conclusion, what did you mean by that, who were ‘they’?

Ron Paul: Well, I’m not even sure I recall that exact conversation, but we know that FEMA is in charge of all emergencies. So whether it’s a natural disaster or whatever, they’re in charge of our land. They’re land-planners, they’re economic-planners, and they’re planning for any provision. And I think the establishment, the people in Washington, both Republicans and Democrats, know history just like we do that you can have a breakdown of law-and-order. So the people, unfortunately, we’ll be begging for stabilization and they’ll be inviting the federal government to come in to stabilize things. So I think they’re making plans along those lines about how they take care of a problem when there’s a breakdown of law and order.

Alex Jones: And they’d like that power grab.

Ron Paul: That’s their goal, it’s all about power.

Alex Jones: Congressman Ron Paul,, sir, thank you so much for spending time with us.

Ron Paul: Okay, Alex, good to talk to you.

Alex Jones: Good to talk to you.

Ron Paul: There goes Congressman Ron Paul, ladies and gentlemen, and I always feel guilty when I call up and get him on the show because I happen to know how hard he’s working. But there he was and that was definitely a powerful interview. Wow, that is the real deal, perfect constitutional voting record. You claim you’re an American, you claim you stand for America, that’s it. I really have to agree; I admire Ron Paul more than anybody else out there alive, unless you’re talking about my dad or my grandpas, but politically he’s it. And if you want founding-father material, who was it, Lew Rockwell, said, “We haven’t had something like this since the time of Jefferson”. He has never compromised, he works 18 hours a day, admittedly sleeping less than 6 hours. He might take off – I’ve talked to a lot of folks who know him more than I – 1 and a half or maybe 2 days a month. All the rest of the time, he’s doing stoic research, radio interviews. All he does is exercise for 1 hour in the morning. He doesn’t even hardly eat anything.


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