New Ron Paul Ad – Consistent


Our economy seemingly on the brink of collapse

High unemployment sticking around…

New foreclosures jumped 20%…

Fallout from the debt crisis…

Seven million jobs lost…

The nation’s debt keep surging.

Barack Obama: Change has come to America!

Herman Cain: The concept of TARP – I was willing to go along with it.

Mitt Romney: I think there is need for economic stimulus.

Rick Perry: I signed a letter with a Democrat: Act!

Where are the people that say all of this stuff is socialism?

Ron Paul: Government is too big. The role of government ought to be for the protection of liberty, not for the intrusion in economic affairs. We’ve spent too much, we taxed too much, we borrowed too much. It’s bankrupting this country! I’ve been talking about these problems for a long, long time. Now we’re bankrupt and we have to decide which way we’re going to go.