Ron Paul Highlights – CNN & Western Republican Leadership Conference Debate

  • dawid
  • spamisevil666

    Did you read what Fox put on their website? “Paul Calls to End Federal Student Loan Program.” That is NOT what happened!!! Paul specifically says he doesn’t end it in his program. He says eventually he would like to end it, but he is not doing it now. Not fair!

    Question about the October 18th debate: Was there really a 40 minute period where Ron Paul didn’t get a chance to speak? What about the closing statement – did everyone else get one and not him? That is what his solicitation said, but Anderson Cooper challenged these assertions. Any thoughts?

  • Hey Ron, I don’t really know too much about you but a good mate of mine, White keeps writing articles about you and posting them on my blog ( He actually admitted to having a “Man Crush” on you, which is funny cos I think he is a tad homophobic, even though he denies it…but as they say, denial is a river (boom tish!!). Anyway for Whites sake I hope you win the Republican party nomination.