Landslide: Ron Paul Wins Iowa Straw Poll (NFRA) With 82%

Ron Paul’s speech:


  • w1945

    I sent an email to the president of the NFRa, Rod Martin and just flat out told him they were completely biased. He sent me back a lecture and then I handed him his rear end. I was a 66 year old Republican before this and now I am not. Time for a third party in this country.

  • w1945

    For the life of me I can not see how all the main stream media polls show Herman and Romney in front, Paul back in the pack but still he is the one who winds the straw polls. Makes me wonder about these so called T.V. polls. There is no way that they could reflect the general public.

  • Liberty

    What disturbs me the most is that the Media – Fox News- when there is a discussion of the candidates whether it’s for a few moments or for ten minutes, Ron Paul’s name is never mentioned. He has won many straw polls or he has come in second in some instances. Then, they discuss the other candidates that poll way below Ron Paul. They are not fair and balanced.

    One great idea, is to have his supporters write in their your local papers in the commentaries section a positve review about his views.



    How can you argue with this? I mean REAL common sense. How can he not be president? Un-electable my ass! Proove these people and media wrong. Email all the news organizations and demand airtime for Ron!

  • Liberty

    I’m so proud of Ron Paul. His messages are finally reaching the voters. What he has been saying for years is proven in his voting record. His supporters will also help him.

    You might find this enjoyable about his claims as just a Mr. Pizza man.