Ron Paul: Newt Gingrich Is the Flavor of the Week


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Brooke Baldwin: Here’s my question. Newt Gingrich, is he the Republican frontrunner now, do you see it that way?

Ron Paul: No, he’s the flavor of the week, so we don’t know what it will be next week.

Brooke Baldwin: He’s not the frontrunner then, you say?

Ron Paul: Well, it has be that they’re up there for more than a week, and the only thing that really counts is a month from now. And if you look at our growth in the polls, ours is steady. The one thing is that nobody takes it away from me that it’s not solid. People don’t come and go once they support our campaign. So I feel good about our growth, we were in high single-digits 6 months ago, we’re in high double-digits now in second and third place solidly. So I would say, we just keep doing what we’re doing now, and we will have a very good showing come January.

Brooke Baldwin: Yea, you have some very sold numbers, we’ve seen the polls in Iowa. But is it frustrating to you at all, Congressman, you have been out there, you have built this solid organization in Iowa (the nuts, the bolts), and then you have this man, Newt Gingrich, with really no organization to speak of, sort of swoop in charming the pants off these Iowans. Does that bug you?

Ron Paul: No, I wouldn’t use that, but just remember, easy-come, easy-go. So we’ll worry about that later on, I don’t think it’s all that solid. He’s the 4th person to have done this, so why should you assume that the nomination is locked in.

Brooke Baldwin: So you’re not too concerned, you say “flavor of the week”, you say wait till January 3rd. I’m only concerned about me being able to convince people that we need to change our attitude in Washington, that the status quo won’t work, that we need a new foreign policy, we need to look at the Federal Reserve, we need to balance our budget, we need to live within the rule of law, we need to care about civil liberties. That’s what I care about.

Brooke Baldwin: Congressman Ron Paul, we appreciate you being on.