Ron Paul: The Other Candidates Don’t Want to Change the Status Quo

  • It’s probably because the corrupt media refuse to give this man the coverage and fair shake he deserves.

    Especially Fox News. Most people that won’t vote for Paul don’t even know what he actually stands for and what the people they’re voting for actually stand for.

    Ignorance. We Americans thrive in it, apparently.

  • Ron Paul is a racist cowardly douchebag who hid behind his wifes dress during the Vietnam War. Rather than go fight int he jungles like a real man, he wore a dress.


  • Let’s all be like Austria, /wiki/Austria
    Austria is a well-developed Social Market Economy, and a High Standard of Living
    Austria have Universal Healthcare system, Social Security, Free Education

  • I am a somewhat proud Canadian (I’d be prouder if we had someone like Ron Paul). Ron Paul is the only Candidate that actually has a PLAN for pulling your great country out of its massive debt problems. He is intelligent and is the only candidate that has INTEGRITY. Each and every other candidate (not to mention your President) has flip-flopped on huge numbers of issues. No of them can be trusted which is why I am so confused as to why so many of you still want to vote for these charlatans!