Ron Paul: Romney Won’t Stand Firm on Conservative Principles

  • ProudTEX

    Well that good old Romney’s been spineless on every issue and Flip-Flop like a air dancer front of mom/pop business to get attention at that moment. depending the direction of the wind, sometime you don’t know which business he represent. 🙂

    Ron Paul2012


  • cukester

    Just imagine if the media treated Paul like all the other candidates,out of all the interviews 99% of them are negitive and Paul still comes out looking good, that has to tell you something.He speaks logic right to there face and they pretend they don’t understand,it’s comical.

    • igorgue

      @cukester This interview in question, to be honest, is not that bad as previous ones, at least they got tired of doing the racist newsletter thing.

      And I liked the last question, because you know, Ron Paul is great but the cause is the most important thing, keeping the movement alive and growing is more important than Ron Paul!

      • cukester


        The thing is they never hit on positive things Paul stands for and God knows theres alot of them.P.S. sorry to bring God into this but i couldn’t help myself.LOL