Ron Paul Surges to 20% in South Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

1. Mitt Romney 29% (-2)
2. Newt Gingrich 25% (+1)
3. Ron Paul 20% (+11)
4. Rick Perry 9% (+7)
5. Rick Santorum 7% (-17)
6. Jon Huntsman 1% (-1)

Ron Paul now polls an even stronger top three in the key early voting state of South Carolina, according to a new survey.

In the latest ARG poll Paul is in third place garnering 20 percent, with Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in first and second place with 29 and 25 percent, respectively. Other poll highlights include Paul polling strongest of all candidates among independents, and Paul polling strong among Tea Party members.

ARG polled 600 likely Republican primary voters on January 11th and 12th. Since the last poll of its kind taken January 4th to 5th, Paul gained the most – surging from 9 to 20 percent – while Rick Santorum lost the most, freefalling from 24 to 7 percent. In the prior poll, Paul was third at 9 percent, Gingrich and Santorum were tied for second at 24 percent, and Romney with 31 percent was first. Over the life of the ARG poll this presidential cycle, Paul’s support has grown from 1 percent in April when he declared his candidacy to 20 percent, where it is today.

“On the heels of his competitive showings in Iowa and New Hampshire, Ron Paul is now surging in the key early voting state of South Carolina. In a week’s time the congressman’s support in South Carolina has grown tremendously, attributed to the fact that more voters are learning about his platform of limited government and a return to personal and economic liberty,” said Ron Paul 2012 National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton.

Photo by Gage Skidmore


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  • Ron Paul doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell to win! Anyone who follows him is an idiot! That means you, you brainless walking turd!

  • Ron Paul doesn’t have a snow balls chance in hell to win! Anyone who follows him is an idiot! That means you, you brainless walking turd!

  • Douglascllc

    The entire Global Economy was created by the same folks who monopolized the extraction and distribution of sweet crude from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. This power is not going to be reckoned with, without proper representation. No one, will mess with ‘Their’ contracts established by the monetary policy of the ’High Places’. Their power commands this. Only a US President that is willing to challenge this power can subside this. Unfortunately, Osama is resisting the new pipeline because he is their pawn. Or, his advisors see that the sweet crude option is much better than the sand pits. Get up, go to work and burn oil. Or, change the way you live. Their is no room for hypocrites.

    Yea, I know what you are thinking, we did not ask for this, or why should such a burden be brought upon US. All this trouble came to US because of ’Unconstitutional Monetary Policy. So, we see now why someone like Ron Paul is so important to what we want in Representation.

  • There are millions and millions of unemployed people out there who need good paying jobs desperately.

    Ron Paul will cancel NAFTA and GATT bringing home millions of good paying jobs.

    Ron Paul will abolish the fed and IRS so you’ll keep more of what you make.

    He’ll bring the troops home.

    If you support the troops, if you care about your fellow man, the choice is an easy one for you.

    Ron Paul 2012

  • Ahmadinejad would know that Ron Paul is far too weak. He would use him as propaganda, bomb us, and Ron Paul would be the shittiest commander-in-cheif in world’s history. He probably wouldn’t even DO anything! BUSH was stronger than this jackass! Also, how can Paul possibly expect Congress to pass a bill saying that we should take Americans out of EVERY country ALL around the world? How ignorant IS he? He has a TERRIBLE foreign policy – that would just INCREASE foreign tensions!

  • I don’t know why Ron Paul thinks we can completly pull out the middle east and expect peace. If Ron Paul wins, there will be war in a few months.

  • Exclude him? My ass. Bull…shit. He was never excluded, are you joking? They included candidates that weren’t even RUNNING! He is losing in all of the polls – it is clearly Gingrich vs. Romney. Yeah, he doesn’t abandon his dying wife, so what? That doesn’t make him un-dispicable! If a man truly loves a woman, he wouldn’t abandon her, even if he is a fucking Tea Bagger.

  • Don’t worry – most of America has sense. Even many Republicans. It is just that YouTube is infested with wRONg PAUL supporters for some reason.

  • Well thanks for having some sense. Ron Paul has mental problems.

  • all throughout 2011 and in 2012 nearly every single poll where he was in 1st, 2nd , or 3rd, mainline networks would completely exclude him. if it went romney, paul, gingrich, they would post on screen and say romney, gingrich, santorum, for 1 example. the only time they ever even acknowledge that he even exists is only to say something negative and is usually something a toddler would say. hes been married so long because he doesnt abandon his DYING wife.

  • Perfect voting record? Oh yeah, that is why he has lost the presidential race twice before, and he will lose this one. Yeah, he has been married for so long because he is so fucking old, and the reason America hates him is because he should stick to medicine. Media blacked him OUT? ARE YOU JOKING? AMERICA HATES HIM! HE IS INFAMOUS AROUND THE NATION FOR HIS STUPIDITY!!!

  • ignorance is bliss. ron paul has a perfect voting record. he has never once gone against the constitution of the united states or the bill of rights. he has been happily married to his wife and dedicated to his family for over 50 years. back in the 70’s he was one of the only doctors who would deliver inter-racial babies. the only reason america wont vote for him is because most people dont know who he is because mainline whore media blacked him out, dumb stupid fuckface.

  • The only people under a rock are Paul supporters. Either they are living under a rock or just plain stupid. You have got to stop being so obsessed with him! He is a moron! But YouTubers are just too stupid to see it. That is why America won’t vote for him, genius! So why don’t you go tell the other 90% of America who hates Ron Paul that THEY are living under a rock, huh? Yeah, nice try, jackass.

  • Give me the video where Newt says he likes torturing people. I want to here it.
    And unless you use cap’s next time, I’m not responding.

  • apparently you already are under a rock…

  • – clearly you never heard of the term “typo”

    he is the ted bundy type psychopath (minus the murder, but he does like the idea of torturing and/or killing people)

    i said nothing about the jokes made, i was referencing the clips themselves of what he said

    in all polls ron paul has been the only one shown to beat obama. ron paul is the only one who would have a chance against obama according to polls, obama gets re-elected if going against any other candidate.

  • Wow! Paul surges to a whole 20% out of FOUR candidates! How impressive! That totally explains how he came DEAD LAST. He deserves it, everyone on YouTube is a Ron Paul supporter for some reason, but in reality, in real life, only about 10% of America likes him. Thank God, if he became president, that would be part of a horror movie. That would just be scary to have Ron Paul as president. He is such a jackass; I would move to Hawaii and hide under a rock.