Ron Paul Comments on 4th Place Finish in South Carolina

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  • Ron Paul won the election ..corrupt systems ..


  • Dr. Paul : Because you are so good, please watch this ! We all need to arm ourselves with this information to win what it is obviously time for us to do so !

  • hi is not so Obama will win konechno

  • hi is not so Obama will win konechno

  • …but worse.

  • Romney = men’s underwear model minus the underwear

    Santorum = soda jerk minus the paper hat

    Gingrich = Cartman from South Park minus the personal integrity

    Ron Paul = The Next President of the United States

    RON PAUL in 2012 AND in 2016

  • you can see it in the faces of CNN broadcasters when they intentionaly lie about the polls, they dont even believe themselves…CNN = LIARS !!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitt Romney winning ? Just like Charlie sheen claimed he was winning…CNN LIES, ROMNEY IS LOSING…RON PAUL WE THE PEOPLES CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT..THROW ALL, YES ALL THE REST OF GARBAGE OUT..

  • The devil is in panic mode, his time is Short, almost over for u sATAN

  • It kills those demons to have to interview Mr. Paul… They try so hard to make him look bad, but every time Ron opens his mouth, the demons get shot down… I love it!