Ron Paul’s Speech after Florida Primary: ‘We’ve Only Gotten Started’

  • I got into it the other day with an old school GOPer. He asked who I liked better, Mitt or Obama, and I replied neither, if Paul doesn’t tun 3rd party, then I am voting for Gary Johnson. He replied “then you going to give Obama another 4 years.” I said “so” and he said, well do you want more Obama” I said no, to which he said, “then get over Paul losing, and vote for Mitt.” I said, no I can’t do it, I’ll vote for Johnson, to which he replied, “It’s people like you that will ensure Obama’s win.”

  • why is it 7% like maddog326 says, the crowd doesnt sound like 7%. sounds like 100%. <3

  • That crowd doesn’t sound like 7%

  • All of you living in caucus states better go and vote for Dr. Paul!!! I unfortunately live in Florida, so there goes my vote.

  • Roses are red, violets are blue
    If you don’t support Ron Paul
    Your an idiot, Fuck You!


  • The True Conservative! You Rock Dr Paul! Ron Paul 2012!!!

  • its sad how this guy isnt going to become president :/ it’s really sad.

  • my hero, not ashamed to say it

  • if paul didnt REALLY win Florida, that state is completely full of fucking morons. Sorry for those who voted for Paul.

  • I’m in Ohio and I vow to vote for Ron Paul.

  • I love Ron Paul. Man Love.

  • Please understand that the best thing you can do for your nation, regardless of outcome, is vote your conscience after you’ve educated yourself to the real issues. If Romney becomes president I will still sleep well at night because I voted for RON PAUL.

  • I will seriously cry like a little girl if he doesn’t win … 🙁 …. someone please hold me…

  • Honesty is the best policy. — Benjamin Franklin

  • I was staring at the girl on the right the whole time… but yeah Ron Paul 2012!

  • The Freedom movement won’t end, even after the final election. An object in motion stays in motion.


  • im a canadian neighbor and i hope ron paul wins this election..if he does win then i hope the people that are paid to protect him.DO..JFK WOULD WANT THIS…

  • VonSturmgeist

    We need to dig our heels in and let the system, it’s puppets and it’s cattle know that we’re not going to end, whether Dr. Paul wins or not we need to bind ourselves together, we are strong in numbers and we need to stay disciplined. We need to se4nd a clear message that we are not available to fight in their wars and we are not going to give up our god given rights to “them”.

    Stay Strong and Proud !