Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • Reporter is a Jew.

  • that reporter seems kind of rude

  • Epic around 19 min in, “you have to understand, we are taking on the establishment, we are taking on the MSM, we are taking on the military industrial complex.” rEVOLution baby

  • What a dumb ass reporter… Hello they won’t even mention the name Ron Paul on TV News or the View on ABC, for example….. the powers that be, corporations won’t benefit with a President Paul… that’s why he is ignored for fighting the establishment


  • the Reporter gave a good Interview.

  • You just want to pat him on his sincere little head. Go Ron Paul!!

  • all you idiots do not understand that the Reporter seems to be playing devils advocate

  • Don’t ever give an interview to this fish lips fucker ever again. Can we deport him back to Mexico… or anywhere??? What a dumb ass fuck head!!

  • Holy crap this reporter guy is really HIGH on something.

  • This Snickering reporter is Repulsive news Slut.

  • An idiotic and meaningless reporter attempting to manipulate an intellect_imagine that ~

  • Al Qaeda is in Egypt ? i am going to let it slide .. we need santorums islamophobic vote if we are going to beat the Industrial Complex hydra of Prison,Finance,Weapons

  • IF U Support Freedom, U Must also Support RON PAUL!

    Mitt? Newt? Santorum? Give me a break.

    O”BUM”A? no thanks.

  • the truth hurts, bad!

  • I would punch this fucking asshole reporter, GOD DAMN PISS ME OFF, RON PAUL 2012 AND FOREVER!

  • I want to know what he said at the very very very end. Mic off thought he was not on.

    Maybe “damn that guy wouldn’t give in I couldn’t trick him.

    Or “Somebody get me more coffee and crack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  • I agree that the reporter might be on coke, I also agree that the Reporter did his job depending on his sit downs with the other Candidates. If he offers the same type of questioning to them he is AOK in my book. Otherwise, Dr. President Ron Paul again is very good at tying it all together in a simple package that everyone wants to complicate. Anywho, Cali again checking in for Dr. President Ron Paul. Cant wait until you get here.

  • suffffffeeeerrrrringggg succcckkkkkkkaaaattttaaaaaccccccccchhhhhhhh Ron Paul2012

  • I like that type of interview where it goes a few questions deep on issues. It makes the candidate really answer and not just throw out a slogan or sound bite. Most of the repub candidates would stem and stutter at some of the questions that guy was firing at Dr. Paul. Paul just schooled the guy up and went on his way.

  • The Reporter is a bitch