Ron Paul: Hey Banksters, No More Bailouts for You

  • Ron Paul is an AMAZING man! Full of integrity and consistent with the Constitution 100% of the time! By the way, this interviewer is a “PINHEAD”! Ron Paul 2012!


  • agree lol

  • Ron Paul tells us the truth as he knows it thats why i respect him sick of the lying politicians think about it

  • interviewer is a cock roach

  • The reason Ron Paul cannot win elections is that people are too stupid and illiterate to understand his wisdom. They see it as radical and dangerous when all it is is capitalism and following the Constitution. It is like a moron giving an IQ test to a genious. The genious will flunk every time because the moron cannot comprehend the correct answer.

  • doucher of an interviewer

  • this guy is a SHIT interviewer

  • This guy tried to screw the congressman Ron Paul and the congressman owned him all the time. You could see by the look on his face, at the end of the interview, that he was frustrated.

  • Cable not capable. Ron Paul 2012!

  • foiks? lol typo

  • So sad that so many democrats absolutely refuse to give back the term liberal. They are neither liberal nor democratic. Just a party pandering to the other party of centrists. Perhaps I expect them to come around and eventually they may but until then they remain the tools of the fabian socialist central planners. Anyone see bernanke on capable tonight spouting all manner of fear based promotions on behalf of the anglosphere banksters? Revolt and take back the constitution. Declare independence!

  • Ron Paul leads in every poll, every number, and every debate, it’s not until those numbers get reported that he “trails” anyone.

  • 18:58
    Ron Paul goes hard 😀

  • he has no chance in elections 🙁

  • This is what the debates should be like. Meat & Potatoes, in your face, Q & A!

    When the reporter want a comment on what Romney said about the poor and the rich, Ron just answers: “I’d let him explain that…” WOW, what integrity mr Paul posesses.

    “Are you gonna be better then 17% this time?” “Sure…”
    “How much better?” “Alot…”
    HAHAHA! How great is that answer! LOL

  • Dr. Paul,
    could you please come to Belgium and explain our king how a goverment should work?
    clearly politics don’t work like they should and obviously you know how it should work..

  • Nice try Jon … but you just got badly owned!!
    Best you research your subjects and issues for another 30 years before you dare “approach” the Professor with your novice q’s… and don’t interupt the Doc,, show some respect man!


  • That dude interviewing Dr Paul is HITLER WOW YOU WOULD THINK THIS DUDE WORKS FOR THE ” NWO “

  • How do we get more people aware of Ron Paul videos?