Inside the Minds of Anti-Ron Paul Voters

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  • Mitt Gin-torum……. or Ron Paul?
    RON PAUL 2012!


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  • You are the man and so is Ron Paul!

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  • Thanks so much for making this video; this is how I feel everyday when debating the haters.

  • Its scary how accurate this is.

  • People are too simple and follow what they see on TV. Other like Ron Paul are awakening the public. The sleeping public may not wake up just now but they will later. What worries me is that Ron Paul may not be there to lead up when we’re awakened 🙁

  • People have a hard time supporting Ron Paul because of similar unjustified character attacks. Even Rush Limbaugh used the “glee” comment as the reason he could not support Ron Paul – and Rush still has a huge say in who people will support. In the end, I forgave Ron Paul for his comments because I believe our country is doomed if we don’t get our debt under control, and Paul is the only candidate who would make a significant effort to pay down the debt.

  • I voted for Ron Paul yesterday, but I can tell you the actual reason people are hesitant to vote for him, and it is a legitimate reason. It has to do with comments he has made about other republicans, one of the worst of which was when he said that the Bush administration reacted with glee after 9/11 because they had a reason to invade Iraq. That goes beyond disagreeing with the Iraq war, to an outright character attack against Bush, which was unjustified.


    Youtube search: An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media!


    Youtube search: An INTENSE moment of TRUTH with MAINSTREAM Media!

  • Thank you Tom for cheering me up a bit!!!

  • Those Anti Ron Paul are so SICKK.. :(((

  • Even if Ron Paul doesn’t win the Presidency he’s still won in the end, because this movement isn’t going to die any time soon. Supporters of Obama, Romney, Santorum, and Newt have no intellectual base. They are drifters clinging to the lies of their “dear leaders.”

  • if america dosnt vote for ron paul, they deserve what they get

  • Tom – You missed one obvious point on the “minds” of American voters:
    “I am extremely unhappy with the way things are and I demand more of the exact same.”

  • There are no circuits or processors in brains dipshit. so what your sayin is that you do support war and anti liberalism, because you havnt denied that you do.. If what you mean by my brain needing to be refitted is that i need to consume less chemicals and look after my mental health more, then yes I do, as does everybody you retard..

  • Yeah, Ron Paul is sooooo great.
    So, HOW many states has he won?

  • Well in your Sarcasm Tom you left out that Ron Paul is part of the establishment the 10% approval rated Congress.