Could Ron Paul Still Win the Nomination?

  • Thats total bullshit, kid, No not ANYONE is better than obama, thats how the puppeteers want you to think.
    Step 1.) learn what you believe in, and learn the goals you want this country to stand for.
    Step 2.) Stick with your decision, and don’t compromise so quickly..No matter what the media is telling you. (Media being run by corporations who need Romney as their puppet).
    Step 3.) Once you grow the balls to stand for what you believe in, then you wont fli-flop like Romney, like a pawn.

  • I’d rather give him my vote and try, than give up now and lose our country for good. This is our last chance to elect someone who actually has the moral fiber to hold the office of the President. He will lead by example.

  • Again though, having another candidate will ensure Obama’s victory!

  • I like what Ron Paul believes in and his principles and I will never sway nor should you!


  • I like what Ron Paul believes in and his principles and I will never sway nor should you!

  • Ron Paul or none at all!!!

  • mitt and barry are two wings of the same bird, it’s Ron Paul point blank, we’re principled and will never sell out!!!

  • And as crazy Uncle Ron retreats to his room with his maps, pamphlets, copies of the Articles of Confederation, and baby photos of Rand building a fort with hardcovers of ATLAS SHRUGGED, you hope one of the relatives finally calls the assisted living complex and says, “We love him, but we just can’t have him in the house anymore.”

    • mir

      YOU will be the one looking for a roof if Dr. Paul is not in the White House!!!

      or maybe you already are and Barry keeps sending you checks, but that will soon stop too, you idiot.

  • Who is ‘our’? Romney is already the candidate. Anyone is better than Obama. We just can’t afford to have a 3rd candidate because it will ensure Obama’s victory.

    • LibertyIsOursForTheTaking

      What you fail to realize is that you are being duped into believing that Romney has a chance. He can barely sway his own party, much less the remainder of America. When on a nationa stand, he will be obamas lunch and his bones will be Obamas toothpick. Alternatively with Ron Paul, you will find the exact opposite. A quick you tube search of Ron Paul and you will see members of all race, all color and all sexual preference stand united with him… why? Because he stands for personal liberty, sound law, and strict adherence of the constitution. What exactly does Romney stand for? Oh… right… everything Obama does. Do not trade one evil for another. Join the Ron Paul fans and actually win the the country back. Romney has absolutely 0 chance of winning, so, a vote for Romney is in fact the wasted vote. The cause of liberty will prevail if given the chance. Give him the nomination and guess what… we win. Give the nomination to Romney and you have Obama for another term. Those are the actual facts.

  • Ron Paul 2012!!! Champion of the Constitution!
    Register Republican in your state (Closed Primaries.. watch Blue Republican), register new voters, educate & debate!!! Stand behind the man still fighting our good fight. Talk with family & friends, get the word out since the MEDIA will not. Please for your country’s sake 😉

  • Well then look at it the other way around…
    Romney is the one cutting our votes in half… with his Looney ass, always flip-flopping, ad making jokes like a fking comedian…
    Romney is nothing but a corporate, money hungry CEO, He has no idea how to run a country, he would just let his lawyers look up the best thing to do, and go with it, hes aid it his self…

  • They tried to create the illusion that the only parties are Republican and Democrat, but there’s a Libertarian party and the nominee is Gary Johnson. Johnson isn’t as good as Ron Paul but if Paul doesn’t get the nomination, just vote Gary Johnson.

  • Ice Saya

    A bee is smart enough to know many things.
    If you destroy their hive, they can survive the winter all huddled together.
    They are in fact wise.
    And in its head there’s but a little spec of slime.

    In our heads there is a small ball of pink jelly.
    And electricity flows all throughout it.
    We are very wise as well.

    whether its a small spec of slime, or a larger ball of gelatin.. That’s all you need to make consciousness work.

    So I then ask.. Where is the next big ball of thought?
    The answer is the “plan it”
    Like Neptune for example.

    They are thinking.
    Just like you and me and the bees.

  • The GOP dosn’t want people who are fiscally responsible, they should re-label themselves Republicrats.

  • PROPAGANDA ALERT.. A clip titled ”The Most Honest Three and a half minutes” promotes a Banker funded HBO show called ”The Newsroom”. Youtube is saturating us with various clips which portray a likeable newsman with Ron Paul characteristics. He boldly and SUBTLY points the finger at lazy college students, pot users, christians and border security as the cause of America’s demise. No mention of govt corruption, AIPAC, The FED, NDAA, SOPA, ILLEGAL WARS.

  • I like Ron Paul, but having another candidate will just cut Romney’s votes in half, and make Obama win easier.

  • Nah, all is lost. Even if the people voted Ron, the corporatist and bankers can just rig it all up.

    Obamacare, universial healthcare would have come to regardless who was in charge. Republican or democrat, because they’re just political puppets who pass laws mandating that people buy corporate products and increase their profits.

  • No he can’t!


  • Yes! Don’t silence yourself by voting for someone you don’t truly support!