Happy Halloween

Madame Speaker,

I have a few questions for my colleagues.

What if our foreign policy of the past century is deeply flawed and has not served our national security interests?

What if we wake up one day and realize that the terrorist threat is a predictable consequence of our meddling in the affairs of others? (and has nothing to do with us being free and prosperous)

What if propping up repressive regimes in the Middle East endangers both the United States and Israel?

What if occupying countries like Iraq and Afghanistan – and bombing Pakistan – is directly related to the hatred directed toward us?

What if someday it dawns on us that losing over 5,000 American military personnel in the Middle East since 9/11 is not a fair trade-off for the loss of nearly 3,000 American citizens, no matter how many Iraqi, Pakistani, and Afghan people are killed or displaced?

What if we finally decide that torture, even if called enhanced interrogation techniques, is self-destructive and produces no useful information – and that contracting it out to a third world nation is just as evil?

What if it is finally realized that war and military spending is always destructive to the economy?

What if all wartime spending is paid for through the deceitful and evil process of inflating and borrowing?

What if we finally see that wartime conditions always undermine personal liberty?

What if conservatives, who preach small government, wake up and realize that our interventionist foreign policy provides the greatest incentive to expand the government?

What if conservatives understood once again that their only logical position is to reject military intervention and managing an empire throughout the world?

What if the American people woke up and understood that the official reasons for going to war are almost always based on lies and promoted by war propaganda in order to serve special interests?

What if we as a nation came to realize that the quest for empire eventually destroys all great nations?

What if Obama has no intention of leaving Iraq?

What if a military draft is being planned for the wars that will spread if our foreign policy is not changed?

What if the American people learn the truth: that our foreign policy has nothing to do with national security and that it never changes from one administration to the next?

What if war and preparation for war is a racket serving the special interests?

What if President Obama is completely wrong about Afghanistan and it turns out worse than Iraq and Vietnam put together?

What if Christianity actually teaches peace and not preventive wars of aggression?

What if diplomacy is found to be superior to bombs and bribes in protecting America?

What happens if my concerns are completely unfounded – nothing!

What happens if my concerns are justified and ignored – nothing good!


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  • Many people are trying to accelerate the rapture by helping Israel to secure dominance in the middle east so they can rebuild King Solomon’s temple and house the anti Christ there. The problem is, many innocent people will suffer who are not Christian because people have different religious beliefs around the world. True Christians know, we must have a heart for those of different faiths and do what we can to prevent innocent people from being hurt.

  • You could work for NECA or another company and sculpt photo-realistic action figures. You are a pro!

  • Wow that is awesome! The speech and the artwork! 🙂

  • Ron Paul made another great speech!

  • “Teach us to evangelize those who are fascinated with fear, evil and death. Dear Jesus, fill them with Your love, Your grace and Your holiness. Saint Wolfgang, pray for us. Amen”

  • “Blessed Redeemer, Saint Wolfgang was a monk and a bishop who had the gifts of teaching and and healing. He evangelize the pagan empire of his country’s enemy.
    Legend says that he forced Satan to help him build a church. I ask him to pray for our celebration of All Hallow’s Eve, that it be converted from a glorification of the occult into a preparation for honoring the saints. Help us to build up the Communion of Saints.”

  • Let’s change halloween from the disgusting evil death culture, pagan holiday, glorification of the occult into a preparation for honoring the saints, in order to reduce the threat of attack.

  • What do you believe is the 9/11Truth. Just curious because I have witnessed many truths and I believe that there is a 9/11 Truth also. Thank you, LEVega.Net

  • Oh lol, sorry You where talking about voting being useless and watching votes not being counted so I assumed American.

  • Who are you calling “American”? GTFO

  • You Americans have given too much power to your government, Drones and unmanned vehicles should have never been invented your government could easily enforce a police state on you if so needed.
    its funny they use the term of “less human casualties”, you know what else does too? Not going to war for selfish reasons.
    You Americans should join your local Militias, I think those are the only people your government seems to be slightly concerned by.

  • Dude I am pretty sure he was sarcastic…….. and referring to the Nobel prize winner as just a Corporate propaganda.

  • until Ron Paul comes out in support of 9/11 Truth he is just another shill for the very system he “says” he opposes.

  • If only that’s what happened. I watched as votes were stolen time and time again as they were “counted in secret locations” as the media muppets proclaimed.
    The whole thing was a scam.
    Why bother voting for a politician if the corporations can just pull the plug and pull the votes ?

  • So you are going to spend and consume money (money = everything, cars, food, living) and more resources then you have until you actually have to go to war to take what you want from other people?

    Imagine you where some one else suffering from the consequences from your actions that come from the way you live your life right now.
    And i don’t mean the guy next door but the kid dying some where because Obama decided to fire a drone some where in the middle east, without approval from the congress.

  • Its say, one great nation going ti shit and taking the rest of the world with it.

    The internet finally made it possible for him to be elected in 2008 and 2012 but people, instead of taking part of information from everywhere, freely on the internet choose to listen to the mass media and base the world on what they where saying.

  • its the cat that really ties every thing together, you know