Ron Paul Courageously Speaks the Truth

Enjoy this all-time classic from May 2007!

  • Wars waist millions on revenge for two towers n lives im sure the people whould have advocated not going to war blood for blood only brings more blood that tower of ppl doesnt compare to the troops we lost the money the iraqis lives over a million we desrved it I mean we bombed them for ten years 100, 000 lives over that time how can anyone say its not our fault ignorant ppl can I wud take my life for those of tower vics but I cant n more blood shed over it is ignorant

  • Wat dont they get our country if it was bombed for ten years we all wud advocate terrorism to that country so the lives of the few out way the lives of the many eye for an eye is a primitive behavior I punch u u punch me whos fault is it mine I started it n on wat basis personaly 911 cud have been stoped if only our government wasnt to busy fighting between themselves the republican party is fliped not against invading countrys beacause it mainly the middle class n poor who fight there pointless

  • All of them still deals with 9/11 like a terrorist attack of the muslins? Holy naiveness!!

  • Why should an individual human being have to die because someone else consideres what they did a mistake. Im personally sick and tired of the “my body” argument because it neglects on purpose the complete right of the individual human created to their life. Its not just their body when they have chosen to participate in the sole activity where getting pregnant is always a risk. If you cannot stand up for the right of an innocent human being to their life then you cannot stand for your own.

  • American interviewers are all like these? lol I’m not jealous.

  • True… I believe that this is the only topic where his public opinion isn’t what his real opinion on the subject is… I think that would be why this is a subject he rarely talks about and when he does its because he’s asked to, and his arguments on it are very generic. He can’t afford not to support that view if he wants to get the support of republicans.. But tbh he can’t both defend the constitution (no religion should shape laws), be libertarian and advocate for laws against abortion.


  • Republican Americans don’t want to hear the truth about the reason why are a terrorist target. They’re too stuck in their “we’re the good guys” mentality. They can’t even imagine that there might be something their country does that might be wrong. They don’t realize that their reaction to 9/11 has made them even more at risk of terrorist attacks, that it has weakened their economy, taken away their constitutional rights and liberties, and weakened their diplomatic influence around the world.

  • I would have voted for this guy.

  • He’s personally opposed to abortion but he supports leaving it up to the states to decide. And for that, I respect his decision.

  • He’s got my vote for damn sure.

  • Ron Paul: The ReFounding Father of The United States of America.

  • it’s a guarantee the 3rd party is going to win 2013!
    it’s a fact bro
    Bush let the cat out the bag it’s over
    Also have to thank Kennedy for being the first.