Mythbusters: Do We Elect Kings or Servants?

Ron Paul throws a life jacket into the ocean of American propaganda. Hillary sees an opportunity to tie terrorism to gun control. Also, has the U.S. really abandoned regime change in Syria? And finally, do we elect kings or servants? Don’t miss this edition of Mythbusters!

Ron Paul: Hello everybody, and thank you for tuning in to The Liberty Report. Chris Rossini will be with me today, he helps me out on this program called Mythbusters. Chris is the editor of . Chris, welcome to the program today.

Chris Rossini: Good morning, Dr. Paul, it’s great to be on the show again, thank you.

Ron Paul: We talk about what goes on in politics and in the economy based on misconceptions and misunderstandings and myths that exists, yet it has a lot to do with policy. It seems that, as you and I look around, we find so many of these flaws in the understanding, right smack in the middle of a very important event going on, and that’s the presidential campaign. It looks like today we’re going to be talking about misconceptions and myths floating around, and we hear them being talked about and acted upon by the politicians in the debates. What do we have for today?

Chris Rossini: Today we’re going to start off with propaganda, and unfortunately, propaganda works and is used all the time. In fact, we could go all the way back to Nazi Germany and their minister of propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Well, those that watched the Republican debate a few days ago noticed the propaganda for war and terrorism was over the top. We had people like Trump recently talking about killing families, and they talk about killing children as if it’s just a part of the conversation. And Trump says how he’s so militant, and he’s the biggest militant of them all. Is it any surprise that Gallup released a poll, and it shows that America’s No. 1 top U.S. problem is the fear of terrorism. Should we be surprised about this, Dr. Paul?

Ron Paul: No, we shouldn’t be surprised, we should be very disappointed, and we should understand very clearly how powerful propaganda is. We certainly know from recent history, even before the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War, the propagandist were very, very busy. And unfortunately, the politicians chimed in, they’re a part of the establishment that is pro-war. And then there is also the media that, whether it’s right-wing or left-wing, are all in support of the military-industrial complex. But there are a lot of people right now thinking about Donald Trump being and answer to some of these problems, and I think they’re misled on this, because Donald Trump actually wants more militarism. He thinks our military has been decimated, and he wants to spend a lot more money on the military, so he’s part of this propaganda. The propagandist counteract good instincts and common sense, because usually, if we take a poll of the American people, whether it’s before the Persian Gulf War or the Iraq War or even the things going on in Syria, they always say, “No no no” to the war, but then they get converted. Even though right now our policies are failing in Syria and we’re backing off, the people are still chanting, “We have to go to war and drop more bombs”.

So the propagandist are very, very powerful, and unfortunately, the American people get very gullible. They have to have the people fearful. But my biggest gripe is that it’s so out of proportion to the real fear, and once I say that, they ask, “You mean you don’t care about terrorism, you don’t care about people being killed at colleges and different things like that?” Sure I care, but they want to terrorize and expand the militarism and spend more money, which, in many ways, is the cause of terrorism because of the blowback and the unintended consequences. They never ask, “Why do people want to come and kill us and why do they hate our guts?”. As long as they never ask that, the propagandist are going to win, and I had always hoped that the internet would get the truth out, and to a large degree, many of us are able to do that. But the propagandist are really on the stages on the major networks where they put all the politicians out there chanting for expansion of war.

So I would say the propagandist are winning, the people are losing, and along with that we lose our liberties as well. And we won’t have a stronger national defense, and that’s the real tragedy. I think it’s very important that people don’t think that Donald Trump is any different than the rest, and there’s only one person on that stage that even hints that maybe we’re doing way too much, and that, of course, is some individual related to me. But when it comes to Donald Trump, he’s just more of the same, more spending, and more provoking. He actually believes that killing families shouldn’t be considered anything other than a proper act of war, he says, “We’re at war with these people, so the families are justified targets”. That is way over the top, we need to stop the propaganda and seek out truth.

Chris Rossini: Unfortunately, when we go to the other side of the aisle, it’s not much better. The propaganda of terrorism opens up opportunities for opportunist like Hillary Clinton, who recently tried to link terrorism and gun control, she basically wants to kill two birds with one stone by linking the two and using it to take away guns from 300 million Americans. Not the U.S. Government, of course, but from all of us. She says, “I have news for Republicans, terrorist use guns to kill Americans, I think we should make it harder for them to do that”. What do you think about Hillary Clinton?

Ron Paul: Well, guns are always at fault, and The Left thinks that if we just take away guns from law-abiding citizens, somehow that’s going to happen. She wants to attack liberty and, once again, she doesn’t ask the question of why are we in trouble. But the point that you were alluding to, and even the Democrats thought this way, is that there is way too much bipartisanship in Washington whether it’s the welfare state or the worker-state or militarism. I’ve always complained that the biggest problem is the compromise and the getting along together, and we just saw that recently in the budget. So she’s no different than the rest of them, she could run as a Republican and she might do quite well because she’s so militaristic. Yet, the people don’t pay a whole lot of attention, and there are so many people on her side, and right now they’ve been able to gain back the anti-gun people. She claims that the guns are the problems, which is absolutely false. Freedom to defend oneself is hardly something that has to be attacked and it has nothing to do with reducing the threat of terrorism and, once again, you won’t be able to do that unless you understand the flawed foreign policy that we follow.

Chris Rossini: That flawed foreign policy has much, if not all, to do with the U.S. Government seeking to put its compliant leaders in different places around the world. One is Syria, and this has been going on for many years, and it’s been reported that the plans for Syria go back all the way to 9/11. After 250,000 dead people and financing terrorist, and terrorists organizations like ISIS propping up, John Carey, Security of State, said something this week which I don’t believe and I’d like to know what your opinion is. All of a sudden he said, “The United States and its partners are not seeking regime change in Syria”. Do you believe this, Dr. Paul?

Ron Paul: Well, I would qualify what he said if you want to try to believe it, and that is, “He’s changed his mind”, because we’re losing the war, it’s a total failure. Russia has had a policy over there that has really mocked us and ridiculed what we have done, because they went in there to fight ISIS. And we don’t fight ISIS, we pretend we do, but ISIS is actually anti-Assad and we thought ISIS would help get rid of Assad. He sort of alludes to the fact that we never really wanted to. Yes. We declared war, and a civil war has been going on, but the expansion of the war was radically changed in 2011 when our President said, “Assad has to go”. Though at times we had hoped that Obama would be in favor of less-war and more peace and negotiation, he was just as bad as the neo-cons. And maybe he’s worse, because he lulls the Progressives to sleep, they figured, “If Obama is doing it, it must be okay”. But for John Carey to all of a sudden think, “Oh no, we really didn’t want Assad to go”, is in a way encouraging. Even if he is acting on lies, he is doing this, he flip-flops, and he does it with a straight face. It means that the policy that we have, and that we predicted would fail, is failing, and they have to change it, and I think that is very good.

But right now, there is a lot of warmongering going on, and the Congress just recently devoted more money for the military, so it’s going to continue. But, this way, it’s sort of a shame. When we used to lose fights and battles in Vietnam, we would just send thousands of troops, and we ended up with 500,000 troops over there and we couldn’t beat a third-world nation. So this is what will happen, they’ll keep saying, “More more more”. And how much more damage and how many more people have to be killed before we say, “It’s a flawed policy, it has nothing to do with national defense, it’s failing. It’s time to get out, it’s time to move out of not only Syria, but to move out of all those wars that we’re involved in in the Middle East”. We should be talking about more free trade and more travel and acting more peacefully. Because when we go in and we want to dictate who wants to run these countries, believe me, there’s a heavy cost to us. And one of the worst costs is the fact that when there’s retaliation, such as 9/11, then our government attacks the liberties of the American people. So it’s time to change our foreign policy.

Chris Rossini: Finally, Dr. Paul, let’s leave something for our viewers to think about on this should about propaganda. I personally think it’s not unreasonable to think that if King James III, who we had the American Revolution from, were alive today and he saw the powers that the United States government, and specifically the powers that the president has, I would think that his jaw would drop. However, we have people like Governor Mike Huckabee who wants Americans to remain in their second-grade desks from their government schools. He says, “Our system is not a system of tyranny, we don’t elect kings, we elect servants”. Is that true, Dr. Paul?

Ron Paul: That’s not just a myth, that’s a joke. What is he talking about? The American people are probably with us on this, and they might complain they’re not servants but they want them to be, but not many American people believe that the people in Washington are servants. And rightfully so they shouldn’t be, they should be protectors of liberty, and they shouldn’t be people interfering in the affairs of other nations or interfering in our personal lives. So that is so much different. But whether you have elected leaders or a king … you can have a benevolent, and there have been periods of time when things weren’t too bad. Because whether you have a king or an elected leadership, they survive because of a prevailing attitude and the people have to support them. Things can get pretty tough and the bad guys get thrown out. They didn’t have elected leaders in the Soviet Union, but they were finally routed after many tragedies.

They only exist because the people support them, and there were a lot of people that did support communism, a lot of people supported Nazism and fascism, and that is what has to change. It isn’t this idea of, “We have elections, we elect leaders and we instruct them and they serve the people and everything will be okay”. No, tyranny comes in all forms and colors, and some of the most vicious tyranny comes from people who are benevolent who say, “I am going to take care of you, I am going to feed you and protect you”. They are the worst kind of tyranny, because they disarm everybody and make them say, “We got to give up our freedom, they will feed me, they will take care of me, they will protect me, and they will protect me from the people who want to harm me, and nobody will come into this country and drop bombs on us”. And they succumb to this and that, of course, is a very dangerous position, because we become dependent and there is a sacrifice of liberty. We have a ‘King’ in Washington, and the kings are just rotated, but they’re all controlled by the same group of people: the people who believe in the militarism, the military-industrial complex, the interventionist foreign policy, and all the nonsense that gave us this. The economic policy is endorsed by most sides, the deficits don’t matter to them, and we’re nearing the final stage of that philosophy.

Just as communism entered the final stages in 1989, we now are facing a point where interventionism worldwide is failing. Central banking, inflationism and debt are failed policies, and that’s why we should be very prepared for rocky times. As the economic times get rocky and the political times get rocky, liberty gets threatened, and then there will be a big contest between those of us who want to get rid of ‘The King’ and the process of the king even if they’re elected, and those of us who believe in and understand what true liberty is all about. Of course, everybody knows where I stand. Chris, I want to thank you for being with us today.

Chris Rossini: Thank you again, Dr. Paul.

Ron Paul: And I want to thank our audience for tuning in to The Liberty Report and this program called Mythbusters, and please come back soon.