IMF Confronts ‘Existential Threat’ To World Order

As global growth declines, the world managers at the IMF are looking around for someone to blame. The problem is protectionism and populism, they claim. Well they are partly right, but the problem lies also with the world managers themselves.

  • conceitedlawyers

    Ron Paul for President! Let your son be an average family kid. He is not as intelligent as you. He wants to be a mainstream politician and doesn’t wanna be held up to your exceptional intellectual standards. Let’s face it – only you are brave enough to scrutinise and criticise the establishment.


  • Olga

    Hello Mr. Ron Paul, my name is Olga, since I came to U.S I have been working a lot, my main goal to help my son continue his education and prepare for his future but every time I got paid I have almost nothing to save. Mr. Ron Paul you are the breaves and smartest person I know who fight to help people like me, would you please advise me how can I secure my future. Thank you so much for listening.

    • Olga

      Sorry for my misspelled I meant the bravest person.