Trump/Saudi Collusion: Laying Plans For More War In The Middle East

Is President Trump’s cordial meeting with Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman a harbinger of a new alliance to challenge Iran?

  • rebellb

    Saudi Arabia is a very authoritarian and patriarchal country. Saudi women are very oppressed and are prohibited from driving. I read that Saudi women cannot leave their homes without male “guardians”. However, I think that even Saudi men are oppressed, though not as much as the Saudi women. Although I have heard some nasty stories about how the mullahs treat women in that dictatorship. I heard about how one mullah whacked a woman with his cane because she showed her ankles. The woman was walking and it was likely a very hot day. She sat down and her dress might have been lifted slightly. Saudi Arabia is a very miserable, theocratic dictatorship.
    People do not have any freedom of religion at all in that country.