Ron Paul on Eminent Domain: The Land Belongs to the People

If government can just take your property from you, is it really your property to begin with? Eminent domain is legalized theft and President Trump is a big fan. Ron Paul defends individual liberty, property rights, and voluntary interactions on today’s Myth-Busters.


  • Dan

    Most Honorable Congressman Ron Paul & Staff:

    I would like to share an idea about payroll profit-sharing that I think could boost your political movement quite substantially.

    It’s a simple, top-down 10% profit sharing system that I learned in 1974 in Scottsdale, Arizona at a local restaurant where all the employees from top management down to the dishwasher where it stopped at the bottom rung passed 10% of their earnings each shift and that way everyone got paid well each day with no skimming by management and cheating by the IRS.

    However, it was reported to me that they were audited BY THE IRS in 1975 and shut down, so this system has to be fully implemented by the sitting government to be successful.

    I sent this suggestion to American politicians last week and so far have received no answer back.

    I think that whoever takes this idea and runs with it will be way ahead of the curve and capture the imagination of the youth vote for years to come, especially once it starts to work and people start making money each day rather than chasing after tax cuts that seldom make it through a corrupted U.S. Congress.

    Minimum wage increase and tax increase gimmicks used by democrats and RINO republicans to get votes are also just dead ends for the next generation of voters and the current American working class that want to see real income opportunity and upward mobility.

    Good luck and may the God of your hearts and minds be with you.


    Dan Whittman
    [email protected]
    PO Box 751
    Logan, Utah 84323-0751

  • Word not the World ✝️✝️✝️

    Unless, and I’m not endorsing, just hypothetically speaking, unless the second American revolution is both fought and won by this generation then all we do is whine and complain in futility. And let’s say we are wise enough to boot the Land owner as well as the Federal Government.. come on you don’t know that America isn’t owned by America ( and not China either.) ?
    I supported Dr. Paul both times feeling that he and he alone had the knowledge and political acumen to begin the restoration of the Republic.
    We all know the Elite were having none of that.

  • Joe Anne Higgin

    In my eyes,this country is gone,unless we get real justice,for the many betrayals of public trust….first fed reserve…watch therefore a theif can not rob a strong man unless he bind the strong man first,well we were broken into first with the fed reserve,what a shame George washington won the war against thr British on Christmas eve.while,while the fed.res.was snuck through on christmas break…..second on hilkary ,breaking of laws,she was once first lady what a shame,they the clintons brought pay to play….Monsanto,…food is sacred, ..and water,phloride poison, vacines, and the real perpertrators of 9/11,unless this is turned around and repect for human life and the laws returned,this country is on its way down.