Trump’s First Trip: Will He ‘Stabilize’ The Middle East?

President Trump will visit Saudi Arabia and Israel later this month. His meetings in Saudi Arabia will include a presentation on “religious extremism.” After pledging to keep the US out of other countries’ affairs, it seems President Trump is digging us deeper into the Middle East.


  • Channa Eshett

    he will fail, like the rest of them – you can not trust the Arabs

    • Channa Eshett

      when we asked GOD, when peace will come to the middle east, GOD replied: not in my tenure

  • BobInBpt

    But you know what? Even if by some miracle President Trump did broker some kind of deal to end the Palestinian/Israeli crisis, then the Pundits would accuse him of being a Zionist and Anti-Muslim. There is nothing that the poor man can do that will be approved of by anyone other than his followers !!!!!