National ID Card

We must stop the move toward a national ID card system. All states are preparing to issue new driver’s licenses embedded with “standard identifier” data – a national ID. A national ID with new tracking technologies means we’re heading into an Orwellian world of no privacy. Ron Paul voted against the Real ID Act in March of 2005.

Ron Paul’s Opposition to the National ID Card

Legislation brought forward to stop National ID (July 15, 1998)
In response to a national outcry against Department of Transportation rules to establish a national ID system by the first of October, in the year 2000, US Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) on Wednesday introduced the Freedom and Privacy Restoration Act, HR4217. Rep. Bob Barr (R-Georgia) is an original cosponsor of the bill.

Paul leads effort to stop National ID (June 24, 1999)
Calling on the federal government to end its war on the privacy rights of American citizens and the prerogatives of state governments, US Rep. Ron Paul (R, Texas) is leading a bipartisan team attempting to stop the national ID card, which is set for implementation on Oct. 1, 2000.

National ID killed by House (October 1, 1999)
In approving the House-Senate compromise on the Transportation Appropriations legislation Friday, the House of Representatives killed an ill-conceived plan that would have prevented Americans from getting new jobs, boarding airplanes or exercising their Second Amendment rights without holding a National ID card. The National ID was slated to go into effect Oct. 1, 2000.

Reject the National ID Card (September 6, 2004)
The much-hailed 9/11 Commission report released in July recommends a federal identification card and, worse, a “larger network of screening points” inside the United States. Does this mean we are to have “screening points” inside our country where American citizens will be required to “show their papers” to government officials? It certainly sounds that way!

Paul Denounces National ID Card (December 7, 2004)
Congressman Ron Paul today denounced the national ID card provisions contained in the intelligence bill being voted on in the U.S. House of Representatives, while urging his colleagues to reject the bill and its new layers of needless bureaucracy. “National ID cards are not proper in a free society,” Paul stated. “This is America, not Soviet Russia. The federal government should never be allowed to demand papers from American citizens, and it certainly has no constitutional authority to do so.”

A National ID Bill Masquerading as Immigration Reform (February 9, 2005)
I rise in strong opposition to HR 418, the REAL ID Act. This bill purports to make us safer from terrorists who may sneak into the United States, and from other illegal immigrants. While I agree that these issues are of vital importance, this bill will do very little to make us more secure. It will not address our real vulnerabilities. It will, however, make us much less free. In reality, this bill is a Trojan horse. It pretends to offer desperately needed border control in order to stampede Americans into sacrificing what is uniquely American: our constitutionally protected liberty. What is wrong with this bill? The REAL ID Act establishes a national ID card by mandating that states include certain minimum identification standards on driver’s licenses. It contains no limits on the government’s power to impose additional standards. Indeed, it gives authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to unilaterally add requirements as he sees fit.

National ID Cards Won’t Stop Terrorism or Illegal Immigration (May 9, 2005)
This REAL ID Act establishes a massive, centrally-coordinated database of highly personal information about American citizens: at a minimum their name, date of birth, place of residence, Social Security number, and physical characteristics. The legislation also grants open-ended authority to the Secretary of Homeland Security to require biometric information on IDs in the future. This means your harmless looking driver’s license could contain a retina scan, fingerprints, DNA information, or radio frequency technology.

A National ID Card? Outrageous! (March 10, 2010)
Ron Paul explains on Fox News why he is opposed to a national ID card: “To me it violates the whole principles of privacy, the principles of the Constitution, the principles of the Republic and to me that’s a gross distortion of what we should be doing. It’s part of an authoritarian society and dictatorships have this but not a republic. We’re not supposed to have that…”

  • Dave Fallon

    “Your Papers Please” Here in America? Crossing State-to State, City-to-City, Street-to-Street? Nazi Germany implemented that w/ German citizens. A National ID card for citizens of the USA is the just the beginning of the same thing!!

  • Devil’s Advocate

    If birth certificates, naturalization certificates, work visas & passports already establish citizenship, and aren’t required as proof of eligibility to reside and work in the US, how will having a national ID solve anything?

    If citizenship matters, for work, for protection of rights, for welfare, for anything, why not simply require employers, real estate agents, schools, welfare agents to use existing (but currently ignored) means of identification.

    It’s not like those here illegally are going to volunteer to get a national identification card.


  • Vajradhara

    Big brother is watching you…or at least wants to, and Ron Paul’s here to give big brother a nice hefty kick to the balls. Fuck yeah, Ron Paul!

  • Gustav

    I’m happy that Ron Paul is fighting against this bushit. Having an ID card like this one he is describing is just one step closer to having full control-monitoring of the population. It violates the liberties that this Nation has fought for.

  • lucky85

    Hope newt the Pillsbury Doughboy gets the nomination, Obama will be a shoo-in.

    • Tom Brooks

      You got your obummer again. I hope you are not reproducing. The country can’t
      handle many more idiots.

  • RobbinRobin

    Ging, can’t even be faithful to ONE person, ONE wife and the people are picking Gingrich Is Obama feeding these people fricken crack from his crack suppliers.

  • lucky85

    The 3 credit checking companies already know an immense amount about your private

    affairs, and this information is available to banks, and about anyone who wants to obtain

    that information. it’s time we reform the banking system to protect out privacy, and our

    financial affairs from scrutiny.

    A national ID card has some merit, in that it could make like tough for illegal immrants who come to this country. Refusing to sell goods to anyone w/o the ID would make life in America

    much harder for illegal immgrants.

    • TRIK

      @lucky85 right… bible prophesizes about the “mark of the beast” and this is a step in that direction.

      • lucky85

        I agree the GOP is a beast.

  • upriser

    I would prefer a national law that requires all of the 50 states to issue “state ID” cards for purposes of verifying voter identities when they go and vote. This would be issued and paid for with state tax money. No national ID card is needed.

  • Kurisuti

    I do not support the National ID card for many reasons, but here is the one that is the most practical and that I think most people will understand, especially if they have grown up around tech-savvy teens or a computer whiz.

    No system is safe from hackers. You can put up all the encryption, firewalls, and code up that you desire, but there will ALWAYS be someone who can hack it, and compromise the information stored within. While I believe that most people are good, all it takes is ONE malevolent person to completely screw up the system.

    It’s safer to keep ID methods more localized, if a state’s ID system somehow gets compromised, it’s only them affected, rather than the entire country. Better some, than all.

    • Dumbunny

      @Kurisuti Your absolutely right. Unfortunately, those hackers also happen to work for huge corporations, that are supplying us with all this wonderful technology. And what do the huge corporations do with their money? Why they bribe our politicians and send lobbyists to Washington to to make sure they keep getting what they want! Its a perfect system. That is if your a member of the “1%”

    • lucky85

      State ID’s would be unworkable , as one could not be “ID’d” in another state,unless each state honored, i.e. kept the same records of all the other states ID’s. YOu might as well then have a national ID.


    You saw how bush was elected by the “chad” AND if you will search a little you will find that the manufacturer of the electronic voting system says that it is very tamperable…Look what the hackers on the internet get away with…Welll you’ll be easy to find when it comes time for the “round-up”AND if this gov’t. CONTINUES ON CURRENT COURSE,,,IT WILL BE SOON…I CAN SEE THAT SOME BRAINS HAVE BEEN PURGED AND WASHED CLEAN OF “WE THE PEOPLE”..IT IS NOW “WE THE GOVERNMENT”…Our gov’t is out of control…We are not stupid and are capable of self-gov’t..That is what the constitution is for…only by consent of the governed. Bring our soldiers home to control our borders and ports..ARM OUR NATION INSTEAD OF OCCUPYING OTHERS…

    God bless you and this nation

  • I’m actually for a National ID Card.

    How do you ensure that voters are, in fact, legal voters? We’ve already seen the issue where politicians were getting votes from dead people, or illegals. We are in desperate need of some electronic system to track people with.

    The outcry of an abuse against our privacy is idiotic in this case. The second you leave your home, you have neighbors that know you’ve gone. Privacy violated! When you go to the store and buy something, not only do the other people in the store know you’re there, but they also know what you bought. Privacy violated! And the credit card companies? Privacy violated! Or how about the people on the street, or sitting at the stoplight with you? Privacy violated!

    This isn’t the 1800s, anymore. Our towns and cities aren’t made up of small populations, anymore. The people taking your votes do not know you, have never heard of you, and they can’t verify by sight that you are a legal member of their community. Having one card which identifies you as an American citizen, your driving record, etc. is exactly what we need because no person can possibly keep up with that amount of data… only a computer can.

  • MIke

    A naitional ID card makes total sense. After all, most everyone gets a social security number. Does he want to eliminate that number as well?

    • ShaneOPalooza

      Libertarians believe in abolishing social security, so yes!

  • Ellie

    You already have the chip in the form of SS#, And driver licensing…WHICH BOTH ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL…I have been in jail once already for not licensing myself or my vehicle…I will go again if necessary in order to prove that I AM a SOVEREIGN CITIZEN of my State and COMMON LAW CITIZEN of the United States….Congress CANNOT force any citizen to purchase anything they don’t want to buy…PERIOD..THEY SAY IT IS LEFT TO THE STATES SEVERALLY…WELL, THE CONSTITUTION ALSO CLEARLY STATES THAT NO STATE CAN PASS OR ENFORCE ANY LAWS THAT CANNOT BE MANDATED BY CONGRESS… Just say no!!! I have a constitutional driving license that only cost the paper and ink to print it…We ARE the people!!! We do not have to consent or accept any contracts with an unconstitutional gov’t. My driving license has the constitutional provisions and U.S. Supreme Court rulings to back it up…The american bar association has control of our courts..Did you know that a judge by their (aba)regulations must first be a lawyer???conflict of interest….the judges and lawyers are of the same organization working toward the same goal…MONEY..NOT crime and common law…they are committing treason..and I hope to prove it.. Driving w/o a license on vehicle or person IS NOT a crime at any level…By getting a driver license and vehicle tabs, you sign your real person and identity over to the gov’t..Have you ever noticed that when referring to you the gov’t uses all capital letters? That is the person they have created with your permission. ie; MARY JANE JONES (gov’t name) Mary Jane Jones (name and heritage given at birth) Doesn’t seem like much, but it is huge. just a couple of pieces of seemingly harmless paper turn you into a STRAWMAN..Look it up then free yourself…GOD BLESS YOU


      Have anyone here ever heard of NESARA? Please Google to find out more. I wonder if Ron Pual knows about this.This will knock your socks off!

      I can not believe this is being kept from us!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sally

    I can see the govt using cards and chips to control our employment, purchase of food, and pretty much everything else.
    Imagine….they find out that you are rallying against them with others.
    Voila…you loose the job you have or can’t get a job, can’t buy anything, can’t go anywhere.
    It will come if they are allowed to do these types of things.

    • SY

      Yeah, kind of like what the corporations do to people when they find out employees don’t go along with their politics. Job gone, etc. Whats the difference between corrupt govt and corrupt corporations? Don’t see any difference.

      • Ellie

        If you check the constitution,,again, corporations are unconstitutional. The “we the people” need to wake up!! We went to sleep and the beast is creeping in…GBY

    • Ellie

      Trust God to guide you HE made you and our great Nation..He will help if we allow HIM…GOD BLESS YOU

    • ROBfromMKE

      They will use RFID chips implanted our right hands or our forehead. The technology has already been tested and in use in some places in the USA. The chips have all your credit information…well basically everything about you embedded in them. All you have to do is swipe your hand or scan your forehead instead of using a debit/credit card. This is all stored in a database overseas in England(or Germany I don’t recall which) called “the Beast”. It’s nomenclature is 666. Look this stuff up… I saw a man while I was in the service purchase food and clothing from the PX by getting his palm scanned…. Fucking crazy!! Down with National ID! Down with the Police State! We have to take up arms and take our country back!!

      • ROBfromMKE

        I am almost certain it is in London. The city of London is an international bank of sorts… When the NWO comes it will be headquartered in Australia. One of the countries that does not allow their citizens to be properly armed… Sad days ahead if Ron Paul does not take office!!

  • Tim

    I am a (small-L) libertarian Republican who is strongly in favor of a national ID card.

    The fact is, your personal information is already out there, and you have no control of it. Also, the documents used for identification are haphazard and flawed.

    There should be an act enshrining specific privacy protections, such as a notification system whenever your information is accessed (even by law enforcement). In exchange, an ID with a biometric parameter would make illegal immigration, fraud and identity theft much more difficult.

    I recognize that a national ID card offers the potential for abuse, and protections against this are essential, but the worst abuses are already occurring, de facto, without enough safeguards. I think Libertarians need to get away from the kooky extreme positions and offer practical solutions that will improve liberty and quality of life.

    • Ellie

      Fact is natn’l i d cards is the last step to communism..wake up and smell the stink this nation is emitting since we allowed gov’t to take over…

      • Communism??

        Communism??? National I.D.’s would be another step towards an OLIGARCHY. This nation is already been bludgeoned by the greed of the few: wall street, the oil industry, the federal reserve. Corporate interests and pure greed are chipping away at our rights, BIG BROTHER is out to control us all by slowly stripping us of the rights granted to us by the UNITED STATES CONSTUTION. The vast majority of voting Americans take there political advice from the talking heads that are today’s “news” media. America, we need to WAKE UP!!!

  • William

    All I have to say is that: if it works, don’t fix it. The system we currently have works well enough -so why change it?

  • Anthony

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about a national ID card. I think it’d be nice to just use a single ID good for any state, any country, any purpose. I don’t see the point of needing a new ID every time my address changes or having different IDs for traveling outside of the country. What would be the difference between this an a social security identifier, other than this could be loaded with features that make it inherently more secure (e.g. a picture for starters)? It would be so much more convenient if I had a card that says I’m a citizen of the U.S., I’m allowed in these countries, I’m a resident of some state / county, and I can drive instead of four other IDs in its stead (insecure IDs to boot). It’s not like they’re giving you a GPS tracking device. How does this really adversely affect my privacy any more than a drivers license, a social security card, a passport, and a birth certificate?

    Really, I’m just curious. I haven’t heard any arguments against it that I thought had any real merit. Everyone just screams “big brother!!” and the conversation ends.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • Miter Broller

      Anthony, I believe the main issue is the federalization of an issue and a power that should reside with the States. Remember we are the ‘United States’ of America, in that we are only united under one thing ,and that is the Constitution of the United States. The Costitution does not call for, nor require a unified ID card of any type, so where does the power to require one lie? Not currently with the federal government, it is the state’s (in which you reside) sovereign authority to decide what type, if any, ID card you may require.

      And on a lighter note, the Feds are very good at any thing they attempt, and yes passport ‘snooping’ has been proven to be quite easy with the new embedded RFID chips, so security isn’t guaranteed under any federally managed system either!!!

    • mark971

      I am shocked that you would want someone to know your every move, your spending habits, your travel plans, how much money you have in the bank and what is your credit limit all before you get in their city. The electronics we have now are amazing and can be damaging, just from this little example i have given you, could keep you out of a state or a country because in their eyes you can not afford it. This is appalling our government is trying to pass this and you should be upset not closed minded. Just another attack on your civil liberties did we not learn anything from our parents? Did our parents not protest and hold rallies on Washington, ohhh forgot they can’t afford to teach that because funding was cut? Our country needs to wake up from this consumerism coma, with no manufacturing companies and 700 people applying for a janitors job when will it end? Take a look around our country, Detroit looks like Iraq with 50% unemployment, with the other 50% being government jobs soon to lose theirs. We have people pitching tents in California, children still suffering the effects of Katrina but lets spend $500 million on bombs. If this keeps going will the bombs be focused on us, will our own money be our end?

  • roberta Neilan

    A national identity card? We already have one. It’s called our Social Security number. The government and its agencies can already track our every movement. How many times have you had to list your SS number? This confusion and the outdated articles above fail to explain the source of the misinterpretation of the REAL ID ACT. Before you all start worrying about Big Brother, go to (Library of Congress) search out the REAL ID ACT. Then read the entire bill. You could also check NumbersUSA, a public policy group dealing exclusively with immigration, for more analysis. The REAL ID is a way to prevent illegals from getting drivers licenses. Some states freely hand them out to illegals. Remember how many 9-11 terrorist got caught with multiple drivers license, which they used for ID. It does not violate state rights. No national card will be issued. Each state will still issue their own drivers license. There will be a central data base, as there already is one (SS.) The type of documentation required is the same information we normally give: full name, date of birth, gender, drivers license number, address, signature, proof of citizenship and photo. All this information will then be verified and the license issued. I think it is ludicrous to think that the government would ever ‘chip’ us. Americans would start another Revolution over that one. Mr Paul needs to revamp his opinions on illegal immigration in America. His views are often contrary to the will of the people. His new book, Liberty Defined., will be his downfall due to his section on illegal immigration. Information and quotes from the book can be found at

    • CJ

      Well, based on the website you suggested we go to to read the “Real” ID bill,, I’m concerned that you don’t really know what you’re talking about. and, both take us to the RAnd McNally mapbook site……I’m still checking the Library of Congress….

      I feel that a National ID is just one more step closer to the “Mark of the Beast”

  • Bob

    The smart meter has arrived, Public Service Company of Oklahoma, a subsiderary
    of American Electric Power. Who I think is a Japanese firm? officed in Dayton Ohio.
    Will be installing these meter’s in some cities in Oklahoma.
    Big Corporate Brother will be watching. You think the Real ID is bad just wait and see.

    • Keane

      You are what this country needed all along..
      To bad we couldnt see what was right in front of us.

  • Bob