Ron Paul 2012

On May 13, 2011, Ron Paul announced that he is running for President!

The announcement resulted in a media storm of unprecedented proportions.

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  • The reason RP got no traction in the MSM is RP is public enemy #1 to the Federal Reserve. “End the Fed” was RP written and the old saying “follow the money” is important to employ here.
    In 1910 Rothchild sent his emissary Paul Warburg to the US to set up a Central Bank with all the powers of which he had in the rest of the world. He paid him a tidy sum of $500,000 per year (in 1910 dollars) , but not a fool with his money this turned out to be money well spent (for him). Warburg was his instrument that put this country on its downward spiral and his privately controlled banks in the most unbelievable position to rob the USA. Rothchild has done this many times before in several countries. Rothchild controls The Bank of England, one of the seven private banks that own the Federal Reserve. Three private US banks and four European private banks. Their mission statement is to make a lot of money for their private owners. How /say they do this? Most folks would have their eyes cloud over by now reading this mundane story but it’s a really an eye opener for the folks who want to know what the heck is happening to their country.
    To simplify this corrupt deceitful villainy foisted on the USA is to go to the motive. That being, get a monopoly license to print the US dollar into private hands (mostly foreign hands) and thru bribes and machinations to confuse even the astute observer, it was done. What a feat of bamboozling the public.
    These thugs now are able to print dollars , loan them to our government , collect interest from our government , and to add insult to injury pay no tax on the interest, Wow !!! Thus driving up our national debt to them. Over 4 trillion dollars to date. Not to mention the 16 trillion dollars given to their crony friends lately. 2 plus trillion dollars to Citi Bank alone. Yes over 2 trillion to their City Bank cronies.
    To keep this scam a secret the press had to be muzzled so they ( the banks that own the Fed) have been buying up all the media thru out the years and still are in the process. They have unlimited money to do this, don’t they?
    They foresaw the problems of containment (remember McFadden in 1932 exposing them) . Well along comes Ron Paul courageously picking up after McFadden exposing these counterfeiting thugs and what to do ??? Ignore him in THEIR press and if you have to say anything at all say he’s a kook , crazy old uncle, nuts and that’s exactly what THEIR media did !!!!
    The other problem for their scam containment they are confronted with is the INTERNET so what’s a very wealthy small group to do to silence that leak.
    Well not to be left exposed to the people being scammed, on Sept. 23, 2011 the Fed put out an RFP (request for proposal) for the largest data companies to bid on a contract to collect data on anyone who goes on the internet saying negative things about Their Federal Reserve .


  • Colin Campbell

    Dr. Paul, you can go into retirement secure in the knowledge that you have lit a spark in the American conciousness. It may take some more years and life will certainly get tougher before it gets better, but your message is the truth. Now there is talk of some of the various states withdrawing from the Union. The fires burn brighter and you have been there as a light leading the way. Enjoy your retirement. It is our responsibility as individual citizens to carry this through. If we don’t, we will suffer the heartache and degredation that every great nation has squandered away. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.