Ron Paul 2012

On May 13, 2011, Ron Paul announced that he is running for President!

The announcement resulted in a media storm of unprecedented proportions.

  • Gina

    My name is Gina. I am a libertarian along w ith most of my family.
    I am devastated after Tuesday’s win for BHO & am beyond baffled by all of the people that are still fooled by this man. I spend hours every day bouncing from feelings of anger to being deeply saddened by the current an future States of my country. I am a young person (under 30) and the majority of people that I met in their twenties are Ron Paul supporters. I believe that people are becoming more aware, many are becoming more brain washed. My mother told me that people aren’t ready for Ron Paul. I find this heat breaking and annoying. She w obviously right, but the severity of our current situation is growing and I Inksometimes fear that the doc can’t bring back dead. We desperately need America to wake up. Dr. Ron Paul, God bless you sir… Thank you for being such a hero and voice of freedom.

  • Steve Hanson

    Ron Paul’s efforts in teaching us about the evils we must fight against is where his real power comes from. This is the true nature of his heroism. Thank you Dr. Paul.

    Our lives are ours, we are not chattel for the state, for our neighbors, for anyone. We are humans and we have a very particular means of survival. When in society, one of the identities we can choose to create is that of predatory human. We shouldn’t, but we can. Thus we create laws limiting (governing) what we do or that define lines across which we must not step.

    When the institution we have entrusted to protect us from predation becomes itself predatory, then we have the makings of a revolution. And we must revolt but we don’t necessarily have to do that in a violent way. We can demand a trial by jury when we are charged with a crime that really isn’t a predatory act. Your peers can literally overturn a predatory law by declaring you Not Guilty. That is called Jury Nullification. Look it up on Wikipedia.

    If any institution can change the inherent value of the currency you are using to exchange goods and services, that institution is by its very nature predatory and when it violates the value of your wealth, that constitutes a predatory act. It is identical to theft.

    If a law says that you do not own your property – such as all laws that impose a property tax – that law is blatantly predatory and we must act to remove it.

    If a law says that we are not responsible for educating ourselves – such as all laws that impose mandatory public education – the law is predatory and we must act to remove it. Parents are responsible for their children, society is not. Children are not chattel nor are they cannon fodder.

    If a law gives an advantage in business to any person or group of persons, such a law is blatantly predatory and we must act to remove it.

    It’s an issue of morality and how that connects to survival. Life is the only way we can actually judge good and evil. And when the current societal beliefs simply repeat the same cyclical horrors of the past and end in death and destruction, we must rethink what we have accepted as moral. We have no choice if we want to end the insanity.


  • To those who think a vote for Mr. Paul is a wasted vote: NO vote is wasted except for that vote which is cast for a candidate chosen as the lesser of two evils. Cast your vote, always, as your conscience dictates. Cast your vote for that candidate who best represents you, your needs, your ideals, your convictions. In this case, of course, cast your vote for Mr. Ron Paul.

    • NormBV

      Yes, and I did. I hope you and I are not uncommon. What was the final number that wrote him in? Any reliable source for such?

  • Kip Spelling

    I don’t get it? Ron Paul is either right or wrong. If the country is really in trouble, how can I throw away my vote? I figure my vote is more important now.

    If Obama wins, will there even be a 2016 election?

    I wanted Ron Paul, but am not just going to abandon my country to make a point. Romney is not a perfect candidate and I hate making the “lessor of two evil” argument, but it’s more than that. This really comes down to, is it over? If you really think the US will fall and your last, final message is hey I will vote for Ron Paul, then maybe you don’t get it.

    It sounds to me like you have given up.

    I wanted Ron Paul, did not get him, so I got my name on the ballot in my district for committeeman and will work to support candidates that share Ron Paul values. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, and get out there and do something.

    Fellow Libertarians, don’t punish our children by allowing Obama to rule over us and destroy the constitution for another 4 years.

  • Sheri

    Hi, I am still going to write your Name on the Presidental Ballot. You at least are honest, none of the others are. The best policy is yours more Freedom for the American people. I hope you will write in your own name you earn the honor not these bought off ex-lawyer lying thieves Politicians that wont hold them to themselves to the same rules as other lobbyists and etc that golden there pocket with money to pass there and the powerful bilderbilt group behind or with them. Please vote for yourself I am going to write in your name also. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James

    Why does Wikipedia say Ron Paul dropped out? Is this incorrect information?

  • Well incase you don’t get it yet we live in a “Corporatocracy” not a free democracy as you are led to believe. It just dawned on me last nite, Mitt Romney is the best thing for Obama and the democrats as Mitt is the worse of two evils. It is up to we the people to keep protesting right to Washington before
    the election and now! “Stop all secret societies” punished by law now and forever! Outlaw muli trillionairs and put a moratoriam on billionairs pay down our debts and equalize the wealth of the world. Punish the lies and deciete of the media so the truth alway prevails, that goes for everybody. Ok Ron Paul what can we do next to take our rights and freedoms back we are all ready and i see the media is still keeping they’re feet on out heads in an ocean of deciept, I say to you “NO MORE!” not Ron Paul for president just President Paul! Choose your party name and lets get on with the revolution!

  • Heather

    Keep going Ron Paul!! You have a supporter from Stillwater Oklahoma!!
    I am only 17 but I will always support you!! You stand for everything I believe. Luvs from Oklahoma!!

    • betty321

      I love Ron Paul and supported him for a long time but then it became obvious he would not win. I am fearful that if Ron Paul jumps back into the race Obama will surely win. How devastating. I cannot fathom this and hope Dr. Paul gets a position with Romney in charge of the Fed. America will not survive four more years of Obama.

  • henry

    dont give up RON Paul you were right we had voter fraud in massachusettes investigate

    • henry

      only one station covered the story 22news wwlp in east longmeadow if theres voter fraud there then its everywere in massachusettes i tried voting and was told i never registered and then i was turned away keep fighting Ron Paul

  • Shabir Ahmed

    Ron Paul, you are an inspiration. I’m 18 and this is going to be my first election, there’ll be a check by your name. If worse comes to worst, I’ll write your name on the ballot myself.

  • Thought y’all might dig this.. 🙂

  • bdmthrfkr

    R. Paul, you are inspiring americans to open their minds and realize. For that, I thank you. Make sure the poles are honest and you could positively help the world by leading America. All these years I’ve said how I was glad to be an American, but not proud to be. I believe in you and look forward to the day I may feel pride in my country. I have been spreading your name to every person I know. There is a virtue in you, I feared had become extinct in American politics, and there is a light, at the end of America’s tunnel of terror.

  • Johnny Meyer

    Write in Ron Paul I say in 2012,…with Gary Johnson as VP…Murkowski won in Alaska 2010, look it up. It’s only impossible if you think it is…Search fb for my page to WRITE-IN RON PAUL IN 2012….

  • IamLDS

    I am getting so sick of all of these mormon bashers posting their filth all over this site. You ignorant morons have no idea about what we believe or stand for. Cease your lies or face the judgements that await you. God and Christ never condoned persecuting others for their religious beliefs and if you call yourself a Christian while doing so are a fool, You do not even know who Christ is and obviously have NOT been saved. You most likely owe a Mormon veteran for saving one of your ancestors lives in any of the wars this country has ever fought. We have been one of the most patriotic and liberty loving faiths even though we are one of the most persecuted. We still love this land even though there are still many tyrants who would see us exterminated just as governor Boggs of Missouri did so long ago. I am LDS, I do NOT support Mitt Flop Romney however am sick of other supposed supporters of liberty bashing my religion and trying to take away my rights to life and liberty.

  • jd

    No one but Paul!!!

  • Alan radakovitz

    Its Ron Paul or no one! If you dont get the nomination please run independant!

  • Kinsley Robert

    I’ve been waching a lot of your videos and I agree with all of your ideas and I’m a big supporter. I have never voted but if you get to run this year in the election i will deffinately vote and you will get my vote. My advice is if you can’t run as a republican please run as an independant to give the people a chance to have a just government and to ressurect the true constitution because I strongly believe with your followers alone you can win this!!! Our country has needed a president like you for a long time to put an end to the corruption and take a stand for the people. We need a president that cares about the people instead of war and money. You’re the only candidate that I’ve ever seen that I strongly believe is telling the truth and will act on their beliefs instead of just saying things to get elected and never taking any action or doing the opposite of what they all said they were going to do. So please run as an independant I believe you have enough supporters to win this election!!!!

  • Raymond Smith

    Congratulations Ron Paul-or should we say Ross Perot, as you are headed on the same track to lose the election and give Barack Obama a second term. Your disruption of support for Romney, who you cannot overtake as the candidate will only provide support for Obama.

    It is like the guy who wants to marry the hot model, he waits and waits and waits and she never comes. Then he meets a girl with many of her qualities, maybe not all, but a majority, and has a choice. Should he remain single for the hot model who never comes, or take the good second choice, which is most of what he was looking for.

    You are acting like the guy who won’t settle for anything but the hot model, and in the end, all the values you wanted are lost for lack of a reasonable compromise.

    Please rethink this before you give us four more years of a Marxist, socialist, Constitution hating demagogue. Its not worth it.

    • everett beatty

      It’s all the BS compromise that has us in this mess. No more.

  • pete seger

    I think Ron should leave the whore that is the Republican party or the Democratic party and run as an independent. Stand free Congressman Ron Paul.

  • whocangetfoodstamps

    C/P:..{ During a heated conversation in the lobby of the Westfields Marriott hotel yesterday, Bilderberg members expressed their desire to see Ron Paul die in a plane crash, according to veteran journalist Jim Tucker’s inside source.}…Wow…

    This is getting really NASTY!….

    Alex Jones site for more…